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Waylon Jennings If You're Goin' Girl Lyrics

Last updated: 05/22/2004 04:38:13 AM


If you’re goin’ girl in the summertime
Then you’d better take the shinin’ sun
And you’d better take all the golden fields
And the perfume of the clover and the corn

If you’re goin’ girl in the winter time
Then you’d better take all the sparkling snow
And you’d better take the fresh cut firewood
And the smooth red wine that kept us warm

‘Cause if I ever walk in the sun again
It’d be too much for me to understand
And if I ever drink warm red wine again
I’d find myself reaching for your hand

And much more than this
All those things we had
I want you to keep all of your days
May your memories never make me sad
And I wish you love always
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