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Toni Braxton If Were To Marry Lyrics

Last updated: 01/12/2009 11:00:00 AM

Chorus 1
It no matter how met
No matter if you were my baby
No matter what we go through
No matter how we met I care for you boi
Now it matter if yoy said yes if we were to marry
You how think go so well if were to marry
We stay together no worry we invited our family to our wedding no matter how we met
Only I know I love you we stay together only I know I love you if you said yes I were to marry
You said yes will it change
If were to said yes
If I were to marry you
Think care if we get marry
If we were to marry

Verse 1
All the trouble we got go through to make us happy to make them see you the one
I really waht you, you one for life,
I want subsidized, the one who I give my life to, the one
I'll be here for if we were to get marry
The one I reall want if we were to marry if we if you we re to stay with me
If you to said yes will it change if we were to together
If you said yes if we were to marry
If I were to said yes right now
Will it change the fact that I love you,
I do cause you my life baby
Nothing will change that baby, cause made all this happen because of you it happen boy
If we were to marry you chorusx3

Pre chorus
Just me amd my bofriend that I love to marry
How you think is serious
I'll want you I want to marry
I know marriage take a lot always
Promise to take care of you do a lot for you
You it for me if we were to marry boi
We can do what we to if we were to together if we were deep enough to get marry will it change we were to get marry, if were to marry chorus x3


If we were to marry
Put our 5 year plan into work
If you want that
I dont care how we met
I know that I care for you
Always promise to care of you
Boi, you have something insideof you I want get to know
Just talk to send we be alright
Something inside of me you want to know me
I talk you only I know how special you're to me
Let go to altar just me you around me, me we be alright
If we were to marry a second time
I do it all over again

No can't live without you if we were to marry
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