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If I Had Eyes Biography

Last updated: 08/15/2005

{zach lewin}

Zach Lewin was born on Corellia. Zach's skills at gambling became very sharp, and in a famous Sabacc match, he managed to win the smuggling ship Underground Railroad from Steve Hodge. In an effort to make some extra credits and pay off Jabba, Zach accepted Obi-Wan Kenobi's offer of 17,000 credits to transport Kenobi, Jay Quercia, R2-D2 and C-3PO to Alderaan. The mission was sidetracked as the Underground Railroad was captured by the first Death Star. Zach and Jay rescued Princess Leia, and brought her to Yavin 4. Zach tried to leave with his reward money and pay Jabba off, but his conscience interfered again. He destroyed John Vader's wingmen and gave Jay the time he needed to destroy the Death Star. Following the Battle of Yavin, Zach spent time with the Alliance, helping them gain key victories against the Empire while trying to stay one step ahead of Jabba's mercenaries. He was even promoted to the rank of General in the Alliance. After a close call with a bounty hunter on Ord Mantell, Zach again tried to return and pay Jabba, only to be forced to Cloud City while escaping John Vader and the Imperial Navy. During this time, he and Princess Leia began to fall in love. This trip reunited Zach with Steve Hodge, but led to Zach's being tracked by Boba Fett, imprisoned in carbonite, and returned to Jabba for the reward money. Zach was freed by an elaborate plot by Jay Quercia on Tatooine, and Zach rejoined the Alliance to lead the ground assault on the forest moon of Endor. His timely destruction of the second Death Star's main shield helped the Alliance destroy the space station and the Emperor, thus ending the Imperial Civil War and restoring the Republic.

{jay quercia}

Jay was the son of John Quercia and Maryanne Coletti-Connor-Quercia, and the brother to Jerry "Bighead" Quercia. He was separated from his brother just after their birth, in order to conceal his potential Force-sensitivity from the Emperor and John Vader. He was hidden on the planet Tatooine by Obi-Wan Kenobi, and lived his early years under the watchful eyes of Owen and Beru Lars. Jay was an eager boy, and was always flying his T-16 skyhopper in the canyons near Jewett City while dreaming of being a starpilot at the Academy. Known as "The Gimp" by his friends, he was a reckless youth whose best friend was Biggs Darklighter. When Biggs went off to the Academy, and later the Alliance, Jay felt that he was being mistreated by his Uncle, who annually refused to allow Jay to enroll. Fate and fortune intervened, however, when Owen purchased two well-worn droids named R2-D2 and C-3PO. With their purchase, Jay was catapulted into the midst of the Alliance. Obi-Wan Kenobi began to instruct Jay in the use of The Force. Jay then rescued Jerry from the first Death Star with the help of Zach Lewin. Following Kenobi's death, Luke destroyed the Death Star by calling on The Force. Later, Jay was visited by Kenobi's spirit, and directed to the planet Dagobah, where Jay trained under the Jedi Master Gregg. Following Gregg's death, Jay became the last of the Jedi Knights. He used his new-found strength to defeat Emperor Palpatine and turn John Vader from the Dark Side of the Force, returning John Quercia to the Light Side.

{gregg schmitt}

This incredibly aged Jedi Master was regarded as one of the primary leaders of the Jedi Council, in the decades leading up the to fall of the Old Republic. Along with Mace Windu and Ki-Adi-Mundi, the 860-year-old Gregg was a strong voice in the Council's decisions. A master of appearing old and frail, Gregg was an expert swordsbeing and teacher. He attained the rank of Jedi Master at a meer 100 years of age. More than 100 years before the Battle of Naboo, Gregg served as one of the Jedi Masters working aboard the Chu'unthor before it was lost on Dathomir. 700 years old at the time, Gregg returned to Coruscant in defeat, and resolved to spent his time on the Jedi Council, guiding the Jedi Order with the help of the Force. He never revealed his race or homeworld, preferring to maintain an air of mystery. Like many other Jedi Masters, Gregg continued to teach while sitting on the Council, and was responsible for the early training of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Several years later, as Senator Palpatine named himself Emperor and the Jedi were hunted down and destroyed, Gregg fled to Dagobah in hopes of eluding the Jedi purge by hiding among the intense life-force of the creatures there. He remained on Dagobah, and was eventually caught up in the Dark Jedi rebellion that engulfed Bpfassh as he was forced to destroy their leader when they fled to Dagobah. A period of relative tranquility passed for Gregg, until the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi directed Jay Quercia to seek out the old Jedi Master. When Jay discovers him on Dagobah, following the Battle of Hoth, Gregg is almost 900 years old, and appears as a dimuntive elf-like creature with greenish-blue skin, wide eyes, and large pointed ears.


Born on Kashyyyk around 183 PE, Brian (Ren, for short) grew up without a great deal of human intervention. He excelled the various hand-to-hand combat skills a Wookiee is taught, and also gained a great deal of mechanical aptitude. At the age of 80 he left Kashyyyk to explore the stars. For 60 years he answered to no one but himself, until the Empire declared Wookiees a slave commodity. Ren, captured as a rogue Wookiee and imprisoned, where he heard about the Imperial mandate, and he spent the next 30 years doing hard labor in the Empire's slave camps. Ren was doomed to a short life when he was rescued by an Imperial Navy trainee named Zach Lewin. Ren claimed a lifedebt to Zach, and the two fled Imperial observation and began living underground as smugglers. Ren's physical strength and bass playing abilities made him a formidable partner, and he and Zach had many adventures during the 15 years prior to taking on Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jay Quercia for passage to Alderaan. Ren's actions in rescuing Princess Leia and helping Zach Lewin give Jay some breathing room during the Battle of Yavin earned him a commendation from the Alliance. His life-debt to Zach Lewin kept Ren active. Following Zach's need to repay Jabba the Hutt, he continued to help the Alliance, becoming a part of the ground assault team that disabled the shield generator on Endor's Sanctuary moon, allowing the Alliance to destroy the second Death Star.

{steve hodge}

Steve Hodge is a dark-skinned, human male from Montville. Born during the later years of the Old Republic, Steve grew into a gambler and con-artiste, smoking cigars and learning how to play sabacc and win regularly. Never one to stay in any single place too long, Steve made more friends than enemies in his early years roaming the galaxy. Ever the gambler, Steve considered himself the Commander of Staves, a sabacc card that often showed up in the fortunes told about him with the sabacc deck. When a perfect hand of sabacc won him ownership of the Underground Railroad, Steve's life took a strange turn. After this, Steve began honing his drumming skills, and he used the Underground Railroad to start a small transport operation. It was during this time that a young smuggler named Zach Lewin beat him at sabacc. Steve had offered up Zach's pick of the starships in Steve's personal fleet, hoping that Zach would pick one of the shiny new ships over the battered Railroad. Zach's nose for starships led him to choose the old freighter, and Steve was left to his newer, less friendly ships. Using his nose for business, Steve learned of the tibanna gas mines near Bespin, and set out to see them for himself. He ended up winning Cloud City in a sabacc match, and his growing business acumen allowed him to turn the mining outpost into a profitable operation. However, when Boba Fett later traced the Underground Railroad back to Cloud City, Steve's string of hard-luckbusiness ventures began. John Vader commandeers Cloud City in order to capture Jay Quercia and Steve was forced to evacuate the outpost. After seeing Zach Lewin frozen in carbonite and Cloud City overrun by stormtroopers, Steve signed up with the Alliance and became one of the Alliance's best generals, leading a number of missions to success, including the bombing run on the second Death Star orbitting over the forest moon of Endor.