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If I fell in love with you
Would you promise to be true
And help me
'Cause I've been in love before
And I found that love was more
Than just
Holding hands

If I give my heart
To you
I must be sure
From the very start
That you
Would love me more than her

If I trust in you
Oh please
Don't run and hide
If I love you too
Oh please
Don't hurt my pride like her

'Cause I couldn't stand the pain
And I
Would be sad
If our new love was in vain

So I hope you see
That I
Would love to love you
And that she
Will cry
When she learns we are two

'Cause I couldn't stand the pain
And I
Would be sad
If our new love was in vain

So I hope you see
That I
Would love to love you
And that she will cry
When she learns we are two

If I fell in love with you...

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Poetic License | Reviewer: JT | 7/12/11

Making grammatical errors in song lyrics and poetry has been accepted for a very long time. It's called poetic license and it is accepted as a way to bring a thought across in a natural way when "correct" grammar doesn't allow a natural flow of words.

:) | Reviewer: ihyan dela cruz | 5/13/11

i just want to say something about this song.. it's very simple, 'that you would love me more than her' only means that the guy only wants to love him more than his Previous lover did. very simple. dont make it too complicated. READ BETWEEN THE LINES!

Duh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/11

ok! ppl who are sayin that this shld ve from a girls point if view ur not understanding! when it says "that you w love me more than her" it means that you would love me more than she loved me..... so hes sayin that he doesnt want this girl to hurt him like his past love did. its not that hard to understand

Silly Me | Reviewer: Elle | 4/22/11

I just don't know why this song makes me cry. This song makes me feel like I was the second girl that was about to be dump for another girl. I don't know why but I just can relate more to the second girl though I never been in a relationship before...silly me...

go indonesia :) | Reviewer: bimaryota | 3/29/11

"That you would love me more than her" has simmilar meaning to "Don't hurt my pride like her". i think they wanted to give a meaning that "her" in this case means a Possesive one. Maybe "her love, her doing hurt" etc. so grammatically it has no mistake..:)

err.. amy? you're dumb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/10

I mean... for me it makes sense, "that you would love me more than her" it's like he's asking her to love him more than the other girl does.
In the movie Across the Universe, the meaning changes 'cause its a girl singing, but it still makes sense! she wants him to love her more than he loves the other girl.

May be the GRAMMAR (yeah, that's how you spell it), is incorrect but, WHO THE HECK CARES?! It's a song, for god's sake! May be he wanted it to rhyme, or may be he wanted it to be just the way it is.

And if you're such a fan, then why you say such nonsense things against them?

Music is not meant to make sense, it's meant to fill our souls and make us feel good, lyrics just help us understand music and express ourselves. The day music and/or lyrics make sense, it will be the appocalypse!

gret song right!! | Reviewer: queen B | 8/20/10

if lennon is alive I think he will just say "why are you taking it literally?" lol well that's just my point of view going back,different perception but I think they didnt create that song for themselves its for a girl who was broken hearted b and scared to fall inlove again ... that's why the girls over gaga with them because they can relate.... genius right?!! ogsh why are they so good?!!! =)

Everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/10

I don't the grammar is incorrect at all. If you think about it, the song could have been written from the girls perspective. "that you would love me her" could mean thy you would love
me more than your ex. Just a thought. Even if there was a mistake, it's still a great song from the greatest band ever.

Give Me a Break! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/10

Amy, if you're so concerned about correct grammar, perhaps you should realize that it's, "I couldn't care less about Across the Universe." COULDN'T CARE LESS, NOT COULD CARE LESS...think about it...and stop hating...writing music is about creating, not perfect grammar...leave that for English papers.

HMMFF! | Reviewer: Lila | 3/21/10

Fuck every person who thinks that can just say "it's grammatically incorrect" -mongo voice-. I mean, WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT!, grammar is a stupid society stablishment, it MIGHT change! come on!, if you confese being a "FAN"...my gods (!!!) you wouldn't said shit like that, you pisses me off, woman, really, get a life and stop listening music for the sanity of everyone in this world

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