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This is for the ones who believe their lives won't change
Hoping that someday things will mend and be the same
And this is for the ones who have lost it all
When all that's left to gain
Is a simple reminder that the things that we're blind to slip away

How can I say
Say I'll be okay

And if I fall through these days that go by without cause
Just a painful mistake has left me here on my own
And if I fall through these nights I can't seem to go on
Just a sign that you're with me gives me the strength to hold on

Now that the line's been broken
I'm too afraid to just look back
The pages have left an empty space
You were all I had
Why does it have to be this way
These things they'll never change
Still I'm left with knowing, content and happy, this is all I need

And if I fall through these days that go by without cause
Just a painful mistake has left me here on my own
And if I fall through these nights I can't seem to go on
Just a sign that you're with me gives me the strength to hold on

And if I fall through these days that go by without cause
Just a painful mistake has left me here on my own
And if I fall through these nights I can't seem to go on
Just a sign that you're with me gives me the strength to hold on

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For you | Reviewer: Moron | 2/23/14

This was the last song that he'd told me. i hope he could still suggest and give me songs that are pleasing to my ears like this one. I hope we could still talk to each other. I kinda miss him. Hey, if you ever read this, please talk to me again? we can be friends again. I swear, i won't fall for you AGAIN. because i think, i'm starting to like my best friend...secretly.

a simple memories to share... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/13

im so touch with this song. The first i played this song. I really want to cry out. It is exactly what i want to say to my first love, that once my bestfriend. Were very close to each other until one day he started ignoring me. I hate the way what he is doing until now. I dont know what to act. I feel left behind. Ang this song really reminds me of him, I love him so much... So how can i say... say i'll be okay... please tell me regie,just to go away...

if i fall | Reviewer: Tinkerbelle13 | 6/28/12

it is kind of song that can touch one's heart,a heart that has been broke or loved.that song reminds me of my boy friend.that i never used to think that i will going to love him the way he do.because,he is my hatest person,but now,he is my one and only love.ILoveHimSomuch:) IloveYou john vonjoe:)

helps through the days | Reviewer: dixeychic | 6/30/11

I cant stop listening to this song. To me it says about having nothing and giving up but it also says I can go on with you by my side. My husbands birthday is today and he is in prison and it pains me that he is there and somehow this song with its lyrics is easing it alittle for me. It makes me realize I will never give up on him. Wanted to bail him out before his birthday but alas no money. But he has me by his side.

my love for shovee | Reviewer: james gamaliel | 1/15/11

i dedicated this to shovee olaco lamela.. first thing is, i fall for her when the first time we met each other year 2010..and now 23days to go we will celebrate our ANNIVERSARY.. ├╝ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SHOVEE OLACO LAMELA :)

well | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/10

this song is just amazing to me. and it actually doesn't make me think of my ex. well, mostly not. but it just makes me think of everyone. it makes me think of my friends, my enemies, the school jock, the school nerd, my mom, my dad, my grandpa that i've never met, my great great uncle that died when i was 4, the guy that works at walmart because he couldn't afford college, and the homeless man that i saw but regretably didn't give any of my money to. this song just makes me think about everyone and everything and all that's happening around us.
it is truly amazing. <3 amber pacific

"sh!t" | Reviewer: Kengin | 6/26/10

Idon't know, for me this sOng is very dificult, it's 2 hard 2 explaine 2 uR sOmeOne spEciaL, because your felling frOm he/she is only a big "dRama" hOpE, strenght, dream, but the end, you made a big mistake and you hoping you will met again, it so sad bec. u knw what nOt happen again...if i fall 4 me nice sOng but sad..

I Remember You!! | Reviewer: Dahonly1 | 8/15/09

(theme song)hmm..
I'm still Hoping.. Hoping that one day? we could be together!!
again.. and maybe someday, somehow? tomorrow? we'll meet again..
I still love her, I still remember her.. I miss her..
Three words for you!!

love | Reviewer: Cassie | 8/4/09

So i was dating the most perfect boy of my life. Had everything all together, good job, nice apartment..was a 3 years older than me. Perfect boy of my life. We met at work, We dated for a year and half. Im not a jealous person, but i was always threatened by this one girl, who was SO gorgeous. They never hung out much but when then started too, i got a little worried...i kept my jealousness to myself until one night, they went to a party one of his best friends was throwing. I knew how he looked at her, becuase the day before i recieved a text from him (it was suppose to go to his friend, not me) saying, I hope (insert chicks name) comes, i wanna check her out! so that pissed me off...anyways, they went to his friends party, and at about 1 30 am, he tells me hes home, watching a movie, so i wanted to call him, and he tells me that (insert chicks name) was over watching it with him. so i lost it. we fought, and stopped talking for 2 days, then he comes over, balls his eyes out, and tells me how much he loves me, and that i shoulnt worry about that girl becuase i was the only one in his future. So we made up. Made plans for the weekend to get back on track, then the neext day, i get i text message from him telling me he was comming by after work to bring my stuff by.

this happened 2 months ago, he completly cut me out of his life. He gave me no reason. i cried for 2 weeks stright. i still cry whenever i think about it.
i keep wondering what happened or what i did wrong.

after a year and a half, i get dumped, without a reason or a hint of a reason, over a text message.

love never lasts.

shame ='c | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/09

this song reminds me of my past relationship,coz i made my biggest mistake. . . that's why she left me in the middle of my success. i made my dreams with her and now she's gone, i don't know how to start again, or rebuild my dreams without her by my side,i wish i could turn back the time that she with me, if only i can take back the word i've said, if only i can put things back, if only i can take her hand again. . . maybe it is the best gift i've ever receive, to have her again, , ,=c

if i fall | Reviewer: edward | 6/25/09

well... At first, when i heard this song.. i was bored and felt drowsy... but when i saw the lyrics of this song... i felt that i can relate and i felt sad... that's why i started to love this song and play it more and anymore... hehehe.... amber pacific.... you're so brilliant and amazing to do this song... from philippines..edward

=( | Reviewer: dee | 4/17/09

this song is amazing i love it but it reminds me of all the things that went wrong in my last relationship. he was my deff 1st love, but i wasnt his. he promised me he loved me & whatnot but after 5ish months he broke up with me. and i thought i was completely over it. i had my mind set that i didnt love him. but i do. and he has a girlfriend now. and im kindof seeing someone. so all i keep trying to do is get over him. i see him at the train soemtimes, but he honestly cant stand me. he thinks i liked someone while we went out, not true, but oh well. amber pacific, youre amazing <3

sad.. | Reviewer: maxfab1995 | 3/16/09

it is a very sad song..but along the way, you can see hope..that is life.we fall, we thought there's no other way, forgetting is hard, especially if you love that person truly, but on a brighter side - acceptance is our best defense.it will help us heal all wounds.all hurts..super love this song!

my bestfriend | Reviewer: lanlan | 2/22/09

.... hmmm i really dont know this song before...
or shud i say i dont really like this song.. but wen my bestfriend ask me to listen it.. i started to like it... not becoz i cud relate on those lines of it but there sumting inside of me sreaming that im hurting... y? because i knew that this song was dedicated with his long lost love... the girl that he really love but she dont gve any chance to my bestfriend to prove it... i was hurt in a sense that i started to like my bestfriend but he so numb,,, he dont even know that everytime we talk about her i want to scream i want to cry.. but i remain in silence....

it hurts.,., | Reviewer: kwini | 1/7/09

my boyfriend told me that this is a good song so i listened to it.,.
after hearing the song,.,
i felt sad because i thought that the song was not for me.,.,
it was for her ex,.
and even if he doesn't admit it.,.
i know that he is still inlove with his ex,.,

it really hurts but i know that he is moving on,.,
and i will always be here for him no matter what happens.,.,
that is because i am truly, deeply, madly inlove with him.,.,

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