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Tina Dico If I'd Sinned Lyrics

Last updated: 03/24/2008 11:00:00 AM

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If I'd had what you have
Had been bad like you have
Heaven help me
If I'd lied like you lie
Had the guts to deny
Heaven help me
If I'd lost my head
Like you keep losing your head
Heaven help me
If I'd done what you've done
Pushed erase and moved on
Heaven help me out

If I'd done what you've done
You would turn away
If I'd sinned like you've sinned
You would choke with dismay
And you would wash your hands in the disdain that feeds on your guilt
You would not find
Silence leaves you blind

I don't bite like you bite
Heaven see me
I try hard to be real
I don't hide what I feel
Heaven see me
I can't tell when you fake
It don't show when you break
Heaven see me
I don't run from what I do
I can't run as fast as you
Heaven see me through

No you don't have to tell
There's no need for us to dwell
I know that it makes no difference at all
The problem that we face is that you cannot embrace
That it goes both ways

If I'd run like you
If I'd lied like you
You would wash your hands

Silence is a choice
It doesn't buy you risk free neutrality
Doesn't buy you off
It's a statement and I never fail to catch your point
No I never fail to catch your point

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