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idlewild are....
Roddy Woomble (vocals)
Rod Jones (guitar)
Bob Fairfoull (bass)
Colin Newton (drums)

Idlewild took their name from the quiet meeting place in
the book 'Anne Of Green Gables'.

The band formed in December 1995 after having met at a
party in Edinburgh having discovered their shared passions
for bands like Sonic Youth, Black Flag and classic Dischord
punk. Throw in those influences with The Stooges, REM and
Nirvana and you begin to get close to the sound that the
lads wanted to produce.

They played their first gig in More...

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Reviews about Idlewild songs

The Best the Idlewild have been. | Reviewer: Ben Moore
    ------ About the song A Modern Way Of Letting Go performed by Idlewild

There first album was week for any mainstream market so i gave it respect for that solely. This song is part of one of their best album and since i heard them live for the first time in Edinburgh i was captured by their peroformance even though they were given a crap techinical set up. (one thing to any fans of Idlewild out their who may have been at Hogmanay- did you notice the extra amps that were brought on for the so called band Kasabian? a travesty of justice to such a derserving band!)

good song | Reviewer: Kiki
    ------ About the song A Modern Way Of Letting Go performed by Idlewild

hey i absolutly love the song a modern way of letting go its one of my fav songs

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