Idlewild Albums

  • Warnings/Promises Album (3/7/2005)
    Love Steals Us From Loneliness
    Welcome Home
    I Want A Warning
    I Understand It
    As If I Hadn't Slept
    Too Long Awake
    Not Just Sometimes But Always
    The Space Between All Things
    El Captain
    Blame It On The Obvious Ways

  • The Remote Part Album (7/15/2002)
    You Held The World In Your Arms
    A Modern Way Of Letting Go
    American English
    I Never Wanted
    (I Am) What I Am Not
    Live In A Hiding Place
    Out Of Routine
    Century After Century
    Tell Me 10 Words
    Stay The Same
    In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction

  • 100 Broken Windows Album (5/9/2000)
    Little Discourage
    I Don't Have The Map
    These Wooden Ideas
    Idea Track
    Let Me Sleep (Next To The Mirror)
    Listen To What You've Got
    Actually It's Darkness
    Mistake Pageant
    Quiet Crown
    The Bronze Medal

  • Hope Is Important Album (10/19/1999)
    You've Lost Your Way
    A Film For The Future
    Paint Nothing
    When I Argue I See Shapes
    4 People Do Good
    I'm Happy To Be Here Tonight
    Everyone Says You're So Fragile
    I'm A Message
    You Don't Have The Heart
    Close The Door
    Safe And Sound
    Low Light

  • Captain Album (1/1/1998)

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