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I was born in New York City to Stuart and Helene Mentzel
(no that's not a spelling mistake). I took out the t
because everyone always pronounces it wrong. Now it's like
Menzelle - like French, but not.

We moved from Queens to New Jersey but by the 2nd grade we
settled in Woodbury, Long Island, where I lived until I
went to NYU. I always knew I wanted to sing. I was 5 and in
summer camp where we were singing "Cat's in the Cradle" and
I was somehow harmonizing by accident; all of the
counselors made a big deal. Later I brought down the More...

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Idina Menzel + No good deed = Amazing | Reviewer: Madam Piki
    ------ About the song No Good Deed performed by Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel has a powerful voice and great acting skills, both are really important. Because in this song her character Elphaba is desperatly trying to save her lover Fiyero, then she starts singing about that everything she's ever did to help has been punished by people thing she's wicked. Idina's facial expressions movements fustration and sadness in her voice tell the story perfectly. I recommend you to watch her on YouTube. Well done Idina!

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