Idina Menzel Albums

  • If/Then: A New Musical Album (6/3/2014)
    What If?
    A Map Of New York
    You Never Know
    Ain't No Man Manhattan
    What The Fuck?
    Here I Go
    You Don't Need To Love Me
    No More Wasted Time
    This Day / Walking By A Wedding
    Hey, Kid
    Some Other Me
    Best Worst Mistake
    I Hate You
    A Map Of New York (Reprise)
    You Learn To Live Without
    The Moment Explodes
    Love While You Can
    What Would You Do?
    Always Starting Over
    What If? (Reprise)

  • I Stand Album (1/29/2008)
    I Stand
    Better To Have Loved
    Where Do I Begin?
    Don't Let Me Down
    I Feel Everything
    Perfume And Promises
    Bonus tracks
    Defying Gravity
    Let Me Fall
    God Give Me Strength

  • Here Album (2/10/2004)
    You'd Be Surprised
    If I Told You
    Once Upon A Time
    So Beautiful

  • Wicked Album (12/16/2003)
    What Is This Feeling?
    Something Bad
    Dancing Through Life
    I'm Not That Girl
    One Short Day
    Defying Gravity
    As Long As You're Mine
    No Good Deed
    For Good

  • Still I Can't Be Still Album (9/27/1998)

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    I Stand | Reviewer: Barbra
        ------ About the album I Stand performed by Idina Menzel

    "I Stand," is a wonderful album. With heartfelt statements like, “When all of the madness falls like rain (The song ‘Gorgeous’),” “ Where do I begin my love/Starting with the things I haven’t said enough of (‘Where Do I Begin’),” and, my personal favorite, “If this is the moment I stand here on my own/ If this is the right of passage that somehow leads me home/I might be afraid but it’s my turn to be brave (From the single ‘Brave’).” enjoys a beautiful voice, this album is a gift! From start to end, the album is a showcase of Menzel’s talent as a true songstress.

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