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Last updated: 06/26/2000 10:31:40 PM

This smooth urban R&B vocal quartet was formed in Houston, Texas, USA. They were touted as a male answer to Destiny's Child, the city's highly successful female R&B quartet, thanks to the gold-selling success of their debut single, the male respect anthem 'Get Gone'. Houston natives Swab, Maverick, J-Dante and PZ honed their craft in church choirs and school talent shows, and shortly after finishing their education were in a position to sign a major label deal with Virgin Records. Their polished debut album, released in September 1999, featured collaborations with leading R&B songwriters/producers including Bryan-Michael Cox (on 'Get Gone' and the sensuous ballad 'Creep Inn'), Teddy Bishop ('Things You Can't Do' and 'There's No Way'), and Jon John.