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Few emotions register as deeply in the human subconscious
as fear. Few historical events are meaningful enough to
enter the collective memory of a nation. Merging the
recollection of your first-known terror with the
significance of a sociological phenomenon, Iced Earth's
Horror Show is destined to become a landmark album in the
consciousness of a world hungry for something musically

Briefly known as Purgatory and founded by the burning
ambition of a 16-year-old runaway in Indiana, Jon
Schaffer's vision has remained More...

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Review about Iced Earth songs
Absolutely Beautiful | Reviewer: Johnson
    ------ About the song A Question Of Heaven performed by Iced Earth

When I first heard this song, I fell in absolute LOVE with it. It makes me sick to know that this band is hardly recognized. A shame for them and a shame for those who haven't heard of IE.

there own merits | Reviewer: RevWrathline
    ------ About the song Dracula performed by Iced Earth

You can not compare Ice earth to slayer, nor this song to any other.Every band should be taken on there own merits.We use comparasons to gain some perspective on how one thing is or is not like another.the music either says something to you or it does not.You either relate to it or you can not.Think for yourself, do not be lead by others blindly.Dont be like your stupid fucking parents.

Makes me cry everytime. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Watching Over Me performed by Iced Earth

I like this song because is just what happened to me and it reminds me my dead friend. I know that she is always there but it still hurts to know that you will never see her. At least not in this world. I love metal and I have been a metalhead for as long as I can remember. I listen to different genres and bands. A7X, Cradle of Filth,Slipknot, Metallica offcourse,Nightwish(with Tarja) and Iced Earth with this singer.

Amazing | Reviewer: Shorehill
    ------ About the song A Question Of Heaven performed by Iced Earth

I love how they challenge the notion of a "forgiving Lord" in this song. He simply wishes to repent his sins committed in the name of love and attain eternal nothingness, not even Heaven, just an end to everything. God responds saying he made his choice and mocks him with hope "just to be denied" and casts him back to earth to be caught between life and death in eternal torment. It's just a masterpiece.

Little round top | Reviewer: Jat
    ------ About the song Hold At All Costs performed by Iced Earth

This song is (as far as songs go) a good description of the key turning point of the battle Gettysburg. During this battle of little round top the 20th Maine held the hill against strong odds. The texans and Alabamans were able to push the 20th back against the hill were the 20th were force to charge the southerners and force their retreat.

Good star wars reference | Reviewer: Carl Snapper
    ------ About the song Hold At All Costs performed by Iced Earth

I tink that this song is about a lot of things especially star wars, and also kind of about life in general about how we're all going to have to hold it at all costs and it's like that part with the storm troopers and the rebel invaders and I think the round top they're talking about is the death star

It Hits Home | Reviewer: The Drifter
    ------ About the song Watching Over Me performed by Iced Earth

Probably my favorite song of theirs... I've had a lot of expiriences like this but, this song makes me feel a little better... It reminds me that we're always close and together even though they have passed.

Say what?? | Reviewer: fu2much
    ------ About the song Dracula performed by Iced Earth

Someone compared this song to Slayer's Bloodline; your brain is a strange one! This song is a masterpiece, an epic progressive arc of sadness, anger, and triumph. Bloodline simply makes you feel like being an evil vampire; the song is simple and linear. It's like comparing apples to a rectum.

The ominous chanting. | Reviewer: Brandon
    ------ About the song Dante's Inferno performed by Iced Earth

I'm not 100% on this but I remember reading somewhere that the ominous chanting about half way through was just gibberish he made up to sound dark. Although I will admit It really helps to add mood to the song. This song is no doubt one of my favorite Iced Earth songs. just what I would expect from Iced Earth.. A masterpiece.

A good song overall | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When The Eagle Cries performed by Iced Earth

"When the Eagle Cries" is more proof that heavy metal bands make the best ballads. The song could certainly be very moving, and its lyrics touch on a very emotional subject for a lot of people. My only complaint, however, is that despite the solemnity of the events that inspired this song, for many people outside of the United States it will take some effort to take certain sentiments as anything but the same exaggerated American Patriotism everyone is already used to. Of course, that might be why the song wasn't included on international releases of The Glorious Burden. If Jon Schaffer's tiresome ultra-patriotism can be taken in stride, though, this song makes for a very enjoyable power ballad.

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