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Arcturus Icebound Streams and Vapours Grey Lyrics

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Frozen streams and vapours gray,
cold and waste the landscape lay...
Then a hale of wind

Hither - whirling, Thither - swirling,
Spinn the fog and spinn the mist...
Still we walked on through woods and wintry gray,
home through woods where winter lay - cold and dark...
(Waiting for a change in the weather
Waiting for a shift in the air
Could we get there together, ever?
Waiting for our late, late return)

Through the woods, home through the woods where winter lay...

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Icebound streams and vapours grey | Reviewer: david | 4/16/2006

Simply.. this is one of the greatest songs ever created. It is almost exactly like "wintry grey" except it seems like the keyboards are alot heavier and the vocals are very unique. Defintly my favorite Arcturus song to date, maybe even my favorite song of all time! check it out.

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