Ice-T Albums

  • Urban Legends (Black Ice) Album (3/7/2010)
    Out There
    Street Sweeper
    So Fly

  • Gangsta Rap Album (10/31/2006)
    Gangsta Rap
    Ridin' Low
    New Life
    Dear God Can You Hear Me
    Please Believe Me
    Pimp Or Die
    Step Your Game Up
    Real Talk
    Walking In The Rain
    The Game's Real
    It's All Love
    Code Of The Streets
    Everything Is Going To Be Alright
    My Baby
    Twice The Game

  • Greatest Hits: The Evidence Album (8/8/2000)
    6 'N The Mornin'
    I'm Your Pusher
    High Rollers
    You Played Yourself
    Peel Their Caps Back
    O.G. Original Gangster
    New Jack Hustler
    I Ain't New Ta This
    That's How I'm Livin'
    I Must Stand
    Squeeze The Trigger
    The Tower
    The Lane (E.V.A. Remix)
    Money, Power & Women

  • 7th Deadly Sin Album (10/12/1999)
    7th Deadly Sin (Intro)
    Don't Hate The Playa
    Check Your Game
    Get Your Moneyman
    The 7th
    NY, NY
    Valuable Game
    Eye Of The Storm
    Always Wanted To Be A Ho
    Fuck It
    CJ Mac Interlude
    Threat Interlude
    Check Your Heart
    Sondoobiest Interlude
    Common Sense
    God Forgive Me
    Ice's Exodus

  • VI: Return of the Real Album (6/1/1996)
  • Home Invasion Album (3/23/1993)
  • O.G. Original Gangster Album (5/14/1991)
  • Iceberg/Freedom Of Speech Album (10/1/1989)
  • Power Album (5/1/1988)
  • Rhyme Pays Album (5/1/1987)

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    Reviews about Ice-T albums
    7th Deadly Sin Review | Reviewer: True Hip Hop fan 4 eva
        ------ About the album 7th Deadly Sin performed by Ice-T

    Ice-T's 1999 album The 7th Deadly Sin is my peronal best album by him. It is a rather dark,underground album and i would label gangsta rap. "Retaliation" is probably my best track of the 20 tracks on the album. It also includes tracks "Dont Hate The Playa" and "Always Wanna Be A Ho". Some of the tracks feature on Ice-T's film Urban Menace which stars Snoop Dogg,Big Pun,Fat Joe and Ice-T narrating. I would reccomend buying this album.

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