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Kansas Icarus--Borne on the Wings of Steel Lyrics

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Early in the morning sunlight
Soaring on the wings of dawn
Here I'll live and die with my wings in the sky
And I won't come down no more

Higher than a bird I'm flying
Crimson skies of ice and fire
Borne on wings of steel I have so much to feel
And I won't come down no more

Sail on, sail on, I will rise each day to meet the dawn
So high, so high
I've climbed the mountains of the sky
Without my wings you know I'd surely die
I found my freedom flyin' high
I've climbed the mountains of the sky

Floating on a cloud of amber
Searching for the rainbow's end
Earth so far below me,
I'm here alone, free
I can't come down no more

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Needs to be heard! | Reviewer: Zeke | 6/12/2007

Kansas is composed of some of the greatest rock talent of all time, and this song gives each performer a chance to highlight their massive skill, from Robby's violin to Walsh's soulful voice even to Hope's drums. If you like Kansas or if you just like a good song, you must listen to this!

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Icarus | Reviewer: Joe Tattum | 8/29/2006

One of Kansas' more underated songs, it is indeed one of the more soulful songs the band has produced. The fantastic intro feeds into the beautiful main part of the song, and the instrumental is one of my top 20 favourites in any song. If you liked Carry on my Wayward Son, you will love this tune. It is my favourite Kansas number, and I highly recommend it for any classic rock lover.

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Unsung Gem from Kansas | Reviewer: Tony Barbour | 10/18/2004

From the group that gave us Carry On Wayward Son, Dust In The Wind and Point Of Know return, this song was not destined to be released as a single. From the opening eerie sounding synths and violin with piano accompaniment, until the drums join to the soaring guitars, this song makes you want to fly on Wings of Steel. You can't help but sing along when Steve Walsh and Robby Steinhardt hit the chorus. Signature time changes from Phil Ehart on the drums and awesome guitar work from Kerry Livgren and Rich Williams make this a masterpiece. Rediscover KANSAS all over again and listen to this song!

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