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INDK Biography

Last updated: 12/12/2002 10:40:55 PM

A few years back, New York City's underground punk scene was pretty much dominated by a band called Choking Victim. Their original brand of ska-infused crusty punk definitely had a crossover appeal judging from the wide array of growing fans they had at each show. After releasing a record on Epitaph's Hellcat label, they broke up due to creative differences.

From the ashes of Choking Victim two bands were born, Leftover Crack and INDK with one member, Ezra, splitting times with both bands. INDK continues to blaze the trail that Choking Victim started, only making it heavier and even more melodic. "Kill Whitey" displays some of the catchiest punk rock songs you'll ever hear. Thanks to the success and constant touring of Ezra with Leftover Crack and Skwerts label Tent City Records, the kids have been waiting for this for years, and they will not be disappointed!