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The Fall IN THESE TIMES Lyrics

Last updated: 02/23/2011 11:00:00 AM

A flat season - vision gone
Picture frame it, and stay so long;
My Aqua-cat is where it's at, new to mammal range
Buy you know it would never suit, territories Alpine

In These TIMES - Meeowww
In These Times - Fishcat Mother
In This Time - Spectral Filter
In These Times - A Feline Nutter

In these times;

A Man down South, he did go out, he did kill fifteen
What the papers could not grasp or work out, was his life
in a flea brain;

In These Times - Universal Tepid
In These Times - Stagnant Mind
In This Time - And in these times
These Times - They're both the same

Diluted Jesuits pour out of mutual walkmans
From Elland Road to Venice Pensions and down
the Autobahns;

In This Time - If That's it I'm leaving
In These Times - Leave this planet fast
In These Times - It affects my sleeping
In This Time - My dreams are one to miss
Ones to be avoiding
In times like this

I often hope in years ahead my gossamer front gates,
will keep out the trash in which my psychic streets' emershed;

In These Times - Spectral Filter
In These Times - In Your Midst
In These Times - This song's a belter
In This Time - For times like this

In These Times - I picture framed pre-teens, rap gangs
with alsatians, onto hungry corners, I imagine beige masks in red peasantry, I made inquiries, Scapa flow steel became inexpensive

A first season - vision gone
Picture frame it - and say so long
They say 'Give up Buster' - Cram it clown
Yeah I grow stronger, and break their mindszzzzzzzz
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