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In the case of IMx, plenty, for IMx is Immature reborn.
Batman, Romeo, and LDB, together since childhood, are
children no more, and with the coming of manhood comes a
dramatic change of name. What hasn't changed, however, is
the vocal trio's razor-sharp musical instincts. As their
newest MCA album Introducing IMx shows, IMx is more
versatile, more harmony-rich, more self-confident than
ever. "It feels like a new beginning for us," says Romeo.
"We've got a whole new level of excitement, a new level of

As Immature, the trio More...

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Reviews about IMx songs

butt | Reviewer: fe fe
    ------ About the song First Time performed by IMx

please eat my butt it taste lyke peaches nd cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then lick my Kuci!!!!

aww | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I will Never Lie Again performed by IMx

in the saw he sounds depressed but i uderstand it happened 2 me b 4

Love | Reviewer: heather
    ------ About the song Beautiful (You Are) performed by IMx

This is one of my all time favorite songs. IMX did their thing when they made this song!! Much love!!

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