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Tracks in Dog Beats: Ghetto Zone, Life At Risk, Dog Beats, Wizard Of The Hood

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To My Homies: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/11

Ok, whenever there is something online about ICP people are going to hate on it, if your really down with the clown you don't give a fuck what people think. You'd know that if you listened to the music! I'm a juggalette and people that claim juggalo need to know what they are claiming.

haters suck it | Reviewer: Jonnathon Thompson | 10/26/11

look man i dont know what your tryin to pull darek but my homies always been down i dont know if you had bad experiences or your just a critique or what but every time i need them or they need me im there maybe you had fake juggalos and got the poser side but i honestly cant relate at all to anything your sayin take another look with some real juggalos and you will see we dont fuck around

Gay. | Reviewer: Darek | 9/20/11

Wow...... ok so about 8 months ago. I saw these two guys making out in the park. That was the gayest thing I had ever encountered until I heard the Insane clown posse. This has got to be the most poser thing I have ever heard. I know what you "juggalos and juggueltes" will say

"ohhh can't handle it bitch?"
"what a pussy"
etc. etc. cause frankly you're retarded.
It's all for show. ICP is pretty fucking gay.
They aren't devil worshippers. They're just posers.

Anybody with half a mind can see that.

Maybe you legitimately want lame music with lyrics that only a true poser would write... maybe you legitmately like the music for what it is. And you dont care that your money is going to people who only care about the money. If thats the case then you're just fucking retarded hahaha

But if you wanna bitch off and give that faggot ass duo 12 dollars by buying this album - be my guest.

Heres the key to become famous these days: shock the public with cursing and gay dressing Lady gaga dun it, Katy Perry done it, and now ICP.

PS: Juggalo? what the hell does that mean? you're jugs hang low? hahaha

the best album ever made!!!!! | Reviewer: nikki | 10/10/08

while, first of all I love to listen to the insane clown posse!!!!! they are the best!!! i love them so much i would die for them. the dog beats is the best!! well, i just want to say what's up to all of the juggalos and juggalettes out there!! well, laterz! were taking over!!!!!!!!!

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