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Insane Clown Posse: this horror core shock rock band may be more infamous than famous, more reviled than renowned, but they have made quite a mark on music history, and on the lives of the 1,000,000+ fans (Juggalos) who follow their music and their message. Where some see an underworld of bizarre painted faces jumping to a twisted mesh of rock and soda, others see one of the longest running records in Billboard Top 200 history, a full length motion picture, Big Money Hustlas, the second highest grossing wrestling organization in the U.S., Juggalo Championshit Wrestling (JCW), a career in the WWF, WCW, and ECW, and Psychopathic Records, the self-owned record label behind it all.

Perhaps one of the boldest and most successful moves made by Insane Clown Posse was the creation in 2000 of what has now become an annual tradition: The Gathering of the Juggalos. This three-day convention, drawing over 10,000 attendees from the 50 states and overseas, is a mix of concerts, games, contests, auctions, seminars, autograph signings, and everything and anything related to Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records. The Gathering has made a huge impact in every city it has come to, bringing in several million dollars in revenue to the cities it visits. This move is unique in the music industry, and is a shining example of Psychopathic Records' ability to both pioneer and succeed through direct, focused effort.

Insane Clown Posse is without a doubt one of the most successful "behind-the- scenes" bands of all time. Their fame was won without massive radio play, so it is all too easy to discount the band; however their seven certifications (two platinum, five gold) speak for themselves. Their immense popularity lays just beneath the mainstream, yet is all the more substantial and long lasting.

The story of how Insane Clown Posse reached this level of cult celebrity over the last ten years is as detailed as it is amazing. Later in this booklet is a brief history of the five previous Joker's Cards albums to set the stage for the era of sixth and final Joker's Card, beginning November 5th, 2002, when The Wraith: Shangri-La hits stores.

November 5th, 2002, will spark the most important era in Insane Clown Posse history. The release of the sixth and final Joker's Card album, The Wraith: Shangri- La, could not be more anticipated by fans worldwide. Whether followers of the music and message from day one, or introduced to it during The Great Milenko era, all eyes and ears have been waiting for this album for quite some time.

The Wraith: Shangri-La will shock the mainstream to its foundations, going far further than anything Insane Clown Posse ever previously imagined. It is a breakthrough album that not only appeals to Juggalos, but contains messages for the entire world as well. Supported by a highly trained mobile fleet of nationwide promotional teams already on the move, The Wraith will be Insane Clown Posse's most successful album of all time. ICP's biggest tour ever, set to blaze a trail across the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Japan starting early in 2003, will catapult this album over everything that has gone before.

Psychopathic Records has weathered many storms and overcome nearly every obstacle imaginable on its mission to promote Insane Clown Posse, and is poised to push even harder to make the sixth and final Joker's Card album everything it was always meant and imagined to be. Insane Clown Posse themselves have made major changes in preparation for the new era. For the first time in their careers they have changed their style of face paint. Now, instead of black and white in fixed pattern, colors change within a black outline to match the mood, hair, and clothing of the duo. More changes will mark this chaotic and volatile era as it unfolds.

More important than appearances, though, is the dedication and attention to quality the sixth and final Joker's Card has received. It is an awesome record from a musical standpoint alone. That combined with its good, positive message is The Wraith: Shangri-La's greatest selling point.

Before the first Joker's Card album, Insane Clown Posse (Joseph Bruce, AKA Violent J, and Joseph Utsler, AKA Shaggy 2 Dope) were two thirds of an up and coming southwest Detroit hard core gangster rap trio called Inner City Posse (ICP). Their 1991 self-produced release, Dog Beats, quickly gained recognition in the world of Detroit underground music, with its funk influence and raw lyrics.

Still heavily involved with gang activities, these were turbulent times for the group. Between explosive gang-related conflicts and stints in county jail, ICP was looking for direction in their music. The turning point happened in 1991, when according to band front man, Joseph Bruce, he had a surreal dream about the "Dark Carnival" and six unique messages in the form of albums.

Inspired upon waking, Joe gave Insane Clown Posse its name, and a new and purposeful direction. Band members totally latched onto this, quickly developing their wicked clown alter egos. They began painting their faces like clowns, in a trademark style that would remain unchanged until 2002, with the release of the sixth and final Joker's Card album. Insane Clown Posse then immediately started work on their first full-length album and Joker's Card, Carnival of Carnage.

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Whoop Whoop | Reviewer: juggalo.97 | 6/30/14

I am only 16. almost 17 n ive been listenin to ICP for about 3-4 yearsn now n have been greatly inspired. i love the messages they give. i didy sophomore final speech on y we r not a gang cuz lots of douchebag haterz inmy old school.down with the clown FOREVER now. got my gatchetman tattoo at ae 15. n rthe Jeckel Brothers skull candle at age 16. n will soon have 2 more ICP tats. Really wanna go to my first gathering. hear its amazing. waa evem Violent J n Boondox for halloween. love the music ever since, dont hate me, before i was a juggalo, my sister wud play it loud all the time n id scream for her to "turn that shit off" sorry fam, used to not like it, didnt kniw shit about it, then i liked Halls Of Illusions n now Piggy Pie (Old School) n the message they haven got really into it. so i hope to get there one day. maybe even b a rapper myself. n maybe sign with Psychopathic Records
wud b am honor to b signed. wud luv to meet ICP too. ik lots n lots of haters but fuck them. Juggalo til i die n after too. but im pribly gonna carryvthe fatchet down to hell cuz im athiest. dnt like worship the devil but dnt beliwve in any if that shit. god, devil, jesus, etc. i tjonk ppl just use them to explain syltuff. like heard this story that this guy became mormin cuz his son almost drowned but "god gave him the power" to get tobhim before he driwned...bullshit. soery but no...no magical poqerful guy in the clouds made u swim any faater that was just u being scared to loaw him which made u more determoned. happens with anger too. i aint vwry atrong but if im pissed off, i can break shit .

Juggalo fo Life | Reviewer: Krazy Klown | 4/8/14

I wanna say that being a Juggalo is the best thing that could happen to me. I use to be that little 9 year old that had a drunk father and pill popping momz. i had no obydy to talk to, now wif my Majic Nina/lettes i know that they will be there for me when i need them, and i will always return the favor. 16 years old now and yet to find a juggalo that wasnt there for me. thanks fam. hope to someday make it to the gathring. if someone got tickets hit me up on facebook at Bryce Schuh Hatchetman. Whoop! wWhoop! lov you all

whoop whoop | Reviewer: juggalo jimmy | 10/21/13

whoop whoop fam my name is jimmy ive been a juggalo since my step mom died when i was 7 she was a old school juggalette and at her death bed she passed the hatchet to me, her last wourds were whoop whoop so i took the hatchet and i will care on. so all juggalos and lettes out there reading this stick up for the fam and fight back with me to bring juggalos back to how they were in the old days my number is 216 301 8174 if the fam want to talk out what we can do hit me up whoop whoop mmfwcl

Icp | Reviewer: Kill_Joy | 9/18/13

I've been down with the clown for about 7 years now. I know it's not long, but shit, I love all your songs and have some of your CDs. My favorite tracks was "hate her to death" and "homies" I love these songs a lot. Haven't been able to get to the gatherings, wish I could make it next year.

my fav band ever! | Reviewer: christi sarah emberton | 6/30/13

im 15 and i only started listening to ICP for a week and wow im amazed im gonna get more into it the messages in the songs left me speechles and they r really hilarious at times too LOL! lmao but all i have to say is this band rocks and always will WHOOOOO! ICP ROCKS! i luv it! :)

Juggalo Family:D | Reviewer: Dayy Kickjazz | 3/11/13

I love ICP so much! :) they are my inspirations and I look up to them... I have since my old best friend introduced me to their music! Shaggz and J are AMAZING! I can't help but get that warm feeling inside when listening to their music. "Say what you will of me, I'll always have Juggalo Family!" I'll always be a down juggalette, and I won't let anyone change me. Cause I'mdown with the clown and I'm down for life, yo! (((((:

Juggalo Family:D | Reviewer: Dayy Kickjazz | 3/11/13

I love ICP so much! :) they are my inspirations and I look up to them... I have since my old best friend introduced me to their music! Shaggz and J are AMAZING! I can't help but get that warm feeling inside when listening to their music. "Say what you will of me, I'll always have Juggalo Family!" I'll always be a down juggalette, and I won't let anyone change me. Cause I'mdown with the clown and I'm down for life, yo! (((((:

Love You Guys! | Reviewer: JohnnyBoi | 2/5/13

my god im 14 and me and my friends love you. The messeges u guys put in your songs r amazing. I know i havent been alive long enough to say i have been a Juggalo since the begining but i have all your albums and love all of them! Please come to portland maine! WHOOP! WHOOP!

juggalos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: William Daniel | 12/3/12

ICP, ya'll are the shit. iv been down wit tha clown ever since 7th grade, ya'll have helped grow a bigger and better fam for all us shrubs an yo i love that,iv been threw bs like everyone els.. ya'lls message help save my life, yall some special ppl..An for all that we thank you.

lotsa love,

MMFWCL | Reviewer: Wade | 11/2/12

Been apart of this fam for 5 years now and im proud to ya'll been there through the rough times and im always gonna be down to rep it Whoop Whoop MMFWCl

Loveable9282 | Reviewer: WHOOP WHOOP!! MCL! | 9/12/12

WHOOP WHOOP!! I've been in the fam for 8 months now and I might go to my first Hallowicked this yr. My parents have tried keeping me from the fam but I keep staying with our fam no matter what. I lost one family but got one much bigger and better. The fam is always there for me just like I'm always there for them. But I have only seen 3 los and no lettes yet. Me myself I'm a lette. I am going to the next Gathering which I heard was at Cave-in-Rock in Illinois from the 7th-11th. My Boyfriend is a los and thts how I became a lette. So yes I've seen and heard haters and tht pisses me off to the extreem. I can't wait to go to my first hallowicked and gathering. I keep hearing how awsome it is and I really CANT wait! MMFCL!! =D

Whoop! Whoop! | Reviewer: Irby | 4/12/12

Hallowicked, it dont get better than that. I have been every year since I was 12 and I am now 18 and I will continue to go and I will die under the hatchet. I made sure of that on my 18th birFday when I went out and got a Hatchetman tattoo on my ankle. Fer all you kids loving ICP and getting hate from your parents - you may hate it, but listen to them and when your parents realize you dont give a fuck they will back off and in five years you will have them hooked too and your whole blood family will be rockin out the front row goin ham in the Faygo shower. Long Live ICP, Long Live The Hatchet, Long Live Shaggy The Butterfly and May All Juggalos Find God. MMFWCL

WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!! | Reviewer: Dakotah Seymour | 3/5/12

The Juggalo and Juggalette fam have been there for me for many years and I can always say that when i really needed someone to count on they were there. ive been down for 3 years now and im down for life yo. and this is the only fam that i could ever count on, and im proud to call myself a juggalo, you know there aint much fam here at my school but even still not a single one of them backed down when someone was messin with me and to me thats tru luv cuz some of them didnt even know me, but they new i was down so they were down with me.

mmwcl woowoop | Reviewer: corey mortensen | 10/10/11

Woop woop lows and letts thay call me the traviler I've been to every state excep hawii and I've met mad fam and its fucking awsome I live in minisota spicer small town. I've have verry few homie and am hoping to get together with more

FAMILY | Reviewer: JuGgAlO J-mO | 9/13/11

ICP has shown me the way since day 1 and they havent disappointed me ever and i thank them for that.... Its been almost 20 years now that they have helped keep me out of jail and literaly sane. when every other person i know turns to shit i know my boys will still be there cause u know the WICKED CLOWNS will never die and anyone who has anything bad to say can go eat a bowl of poop bitch...... Ha Ha Ha peace fam i love you guys......

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