IBOPA Albums

  • When You Write Album (11/8/2004)
    When You Write
    Cory's Theme

  • Ballads For Benpadrone Album (10/1/1997)
    Vampire Squid (La Vampira)
    Pistol Whip
    Village People Of The Damned
    Le Peru
    Dead Lady's Dress
    Bee Song
    Jive Arse
    Ode To Gaylene
    Le Perveryor
    Sex So Evil
    Sleep Is The Enemy Of The People
    Le Superv
    Leopard Coat

  • Squids: Obsession And Devotion Album (10/1/1996)
    Sex So Evil
    Leopard Coat
    Ode To Gaylene
    Meat Lover's Smoothie
    Surf Polka
    Guitars, Guitars, Guitars
    Well Hung, Ha Ha Ha Ha
    Holy Dance

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