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IBOPA Biography

Last updated: 10/24/2006

-IBOPA is a musical Voltron. It combines indie/alterna-rock, Hindi film scores, 80's synth-pop, and tango to operate on your hips, your ass, your broken heart and your phantom limb. IBOPA writes songs about being crazy, love, not taking crap off of nobody, weird little kids and starving to death.

-IBOPA consists of Styx on drums, DJ Fonzi Dream Taco on optigan and synths, Purring Mantis doing lead vocals and guitar, Kona the Smiling Burger on accordion, The Bionic Millionaire on violin and vocals, Orlando Furioso on baritone sax and, but of course, Gigantor(Mecca-gigantor) on guitar and mandolin. For the past two years IBOPA has been uniting Jules Verne steam-tech with new wave hairdos.

-IBOPA's critical acclaim has been super-duper from fans, music journalists, college and commercial radio. IBOPA was named best local band in a recent Metro reader's poll. IBOPA's second independent CD, Ballads for Benpadrone (Nubby Records) was in the BAM top ten local music charts for over nine weeks. The kids sing along at shows.