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Black Sabbath I Lyrics

Last updated: 01/03/2013 07:15:39 AM

I am anger,
under pressure.
Locked in cages,
a prisoner; the first to escape.

I am wicked,
I am legion.
Strength in numbers, a lie:
the number is one.

I, I, I
Everything that I see is for me.

Yes, I am giant,
I'm a monster.
Breaking windows in houses, buildings of glass.
Rebel, rebel,
holy outlaw.
Ride together,
don't try it; the power's in one.

I, I, I
I am standing alone,
but I can rock you.
I, I, I
On the edge of the blade,
but the knife can't cut the hero down.

I am virgin,
I'm a whore.
Giving nothing,
the taker, the maker of war.
I'll smash your face in,
But with a smile.
All together:
You'll never be stronger than me.

I, I, I
Right here on my own,
But I still rock you.
I, I, I
Don't follow behind, just leave me on the outside.

I, I, I
I am standing alone,
But I can shock you.
I, I, I
On the edge of the blade,
But no one makes the hero bleed.

I am hunger,
feed my head.
All together:
you'll never, never make the hero bleed
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