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Bright Eyes I Won't Ever Be Happy Again Lyrics

Last updated: 03/24/2009 11:00:00 AM

Well morning came
And it dressed the sky
In a lovely yellow gown
Now the shops they are
All opening
In that narrow hallway of downtown
Filled with people who
Are shopping for
Their lovers and their friends
So they won't ever be lonely again
Well a forest fenced
becomes backyards
Like songs are born from sound
And the apple fell
And it taught us all
We are chained here to the ground
So here we go
But there ain't no escape
Yeah, these streets they're just dead ends
So I won't ever be happy again
Well, it seems you too
See a painful blue
When you stare into the sky
You could never understand
The motion of a hand waving you goodbye
"Bye bye"
But as the story goes
or it is often told
A new day will arise
And all the dance halls will
Be full of skeletons
That are coming back to life
And on a grassy hill
the lion will
lay down with the lamb
And I won't ever be lonely again
No, no, no, no, no
But until that time
I think I had better find
some disbelief to suspend
Cause I don't want to feel like this again

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Inspirational artist | Reviewer: Nobody | 3/21/09

For the first comment, his name is spelt "Conor" not "Connor". So I doubt you're in love with him (you can't even spell his name). But I understand your feelings. The lyrics he produces in his songs are highly relatable. Most bands spit out overly simple and generically predictable analogies about love and life, but I've never heard a band that made me think as much about life (or death) as bright eyes. He is a true, honest to god, poet.

perfect | Reviewer: wow | 12/3/07

these lyrics that he writes are simply amazing. and i completely agree with the last comment. he writes the most beautiful lyrics and they flow so well and everything.

amazing | Reviewer: me | 8/25/07

i'm simply in love with mr connor obert.
he writes such beautiful lyrics.
they're so personal and makes me feel like i'm not alone, and lets me know that someone else's been through the same stuff as me.
love this band.