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Cat Stevens I Wish, I Wish Lyrics

Last updated: 12/27/2007 10:00:00 AM

I wish I knew, I wish I knew
what makes me, me, and what makes you, you.
It's just another point of view, ooo.
A state of mind I'm going through, yes.
So what I see is never true, ahhh.

I wish I could tell, I wish I could tell
what makes a heaven what makes a hell.
And do I get to ring my bell, ooo.
Or land up in some dusty cell, no.
While others reach the big hotel, yeah.

I wish I had, I wish I had
the secret of good, and the secret of bad.
Why does this question drive me mad? ahhh.
'Cause I was taught when but a lad, yes,
That bad was good and good was bad, ahhh.

I wish I knew the mystery of
that thing called hate, and that thing called love.
What makes the in-between so rough? ahhh.
Why is it always push and shove? ahhh
I guess I just don't know enough, yes.

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Hurrah! | Reviewer: Riley Audens | 12/26/2007

This is one of my favorite songs of all time- It discusses some of the bigger mysteries of human life without getting too cosmic.
Cat calls attention to the fact that we can't know, really, why humans are separate, or what heaven and hell really are- the differences between good and bad, love and hate.
We're all just human, we can't know more or less that we do..
excellent song