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I will
Lay me down
In a bunker
I won't let this happen to my children
Meet the real world coming out of your shell
With white elephants
Sitting ducks
I will
rise up
Little babies eyes eyes eyes eyes
Little babies eyes eyes eyes eyes
Little babies eyes eyes eyes eyes
Little babies eyes eyes eyes

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give up, rise again | Reviewer: ahlmann | 8/20/13

If you find something or someone is holding you back, whatever it is, and you have the feeling you're stuck with it/him/her but are afraid of letting go, because you hold on to it's value, just realize that you're a sitting duck, and no white elephant is ever worth holding your self back

give it up, and rise again

Inspiration of the song | Reviewer: Sam | 10/15/12

I looked this up a couple days ago. The song is Thom Yorke's reaction to seeing a video in which bomb shelters containing children and families were being destroyed during the Gulf War. He said it was the angriest song he ever wrote at the time.

strange.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/12

I just find it funny how we all kind of subconsciously try to impose our personal values on everybody else, like how it is actually impossible to be able to see something from another's point of view.

I Will | Reviewer: David Costa | 12/20/11

I really think Thom Yorke is talking about Hitler and his panic during WW2 to be honest.
As he says/sings "I won't let this happen to my children", we all know he killed himself and his family on a bunker once he knew the world was going to be different once he was in jail paying for all of his crimes.Not only that , but also the fact of him showing some respect instead of living in that whole new world with all races within. "Little baby babies eyes" also a reference to Adolf. Well , thats just my opinion and point of view it might be wrong.But I will take this song by this meaning until the last time I listen to it.

I will | Reviewer: P Soup | 11/30/11

It's so Amazing how 3-4 weeks ago I vaguely knew who Radiohead was. Now, I listen to their music on my phone 10-20 a day. Never even knew they have been around as long as they have. The more I hear their music the more I love it. The lyrics can be a bit creepy at times (lol), but I think that's what makes me like it more. Just to think....I found out about "I Will" because I downloaded a De La Soul remix ("Itsoweezee") that sampled it.

le res | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/11

Thom already discussed his feelings during this album during the interview in Le Res and I think its both very simple to understand and I don't think he was targeting any event in specific. He said its really about just how you get so stuck and helpless against the forces that would really threaten our democratic freedoms that you want to to give up, like you cant make a difference. If it was against anything in particular, it was anti bush adminastration as was the rest of the album "hail to the thief".

I think the song simple say, the forces against our freedoms are tough, but we can't dig in and not participate, mainly to protect the future, as the references to children.

All interpretations are way off | Reviewer: NovusOrsus | 10/1/11

I doubt there is real meaning to this song. I believe this to be true about most radiohead songs. If I had to attribute a meaning to this piece it would be desperation, which is an underlying theme in several songs by this group. There are few options for the singer; a mere sitting duck. Nothing but the thought of future children on his mind, he sacrifices himself to the unknown. This can apply to the environment, war, etc. The specific meaning isn't clear. I doubt that it is meant to be.

- | Reviewer: steve | 8/3/11

People need to start taking music as is. Also, Lyrics as is.

These lyrics, many as they are, can be taken in many different ways. Try for a minute, to relate them to say, an Alien envasion, or a nuclear attack.

I Will, Lay me down, in a bunker, underground.(protecting ones life/family)
"I won't let this happen to my children
Meet the real world coming out of your shell"
(He's protecting them from what's going on in the world, but at the same time they are experiencing how the world actually acts, like a little kid finding out that sometimes girls love girls,and sometimes country's fight eachother)
"White Elephants"
Back to the previous point^
Sitting ducks, we all are in relation to the people that control world events.

The last part about little baby's eyes, is meant to tell everyone to look at the finer things in life, rather than those that don't matter...like little baby's eyes. Just for once, take a look at baby's eyes. Pure, innocent, beautiful.

The person below me | Reviewer: Nathaniel | 5/23/10

That is totally moronic and irrelevant. No body is denying that the things that happened September 11, 2001 were tragic. Just because Thom Yorke chose to write a song about an event that isn't 9/11 isn't bias. Besides, the current war in the middle east has nothing to do with 9/11. They are two seperate events. The war was about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Now we're still there because we have destroyed their government (I am not saying that's a bad thing) and we don't trust that they'll choose our system if we leave. 9/11 was used as propaganda to get support for the war, but no one ever claimed that it was the reason we were going to war. It just brought to the attention of the general public that the middle east doesn't agree with us. The ironic thing is, the attack was a protest to the US occupation of Saudi Arabia and all that it led to was further occupation of the middle east.

great song... one sticking point though | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/10

i like the song, and agree that 400 civilian casualties is tragic. I find it a sticking point that most people criticising Desert Storms I & II moan and bewail the tragedies (and they are tragedies) that occurred/occur over in Iraq and the Middle East, yet not one of them speaks out about the tragedy that ocurred in 2001, on September 11, in New York City.
Biased representation of war is virtually propaganda.

such unspeakable beauty... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/10

I think many of you are right in linking it to Hemingway's short story, but I think that's only one aspect of the song. I think the song is really about protecting the innocent, whether it be from war, abortion or anything else. The song is about a parent who will do anything to protect their children.

Its not about a Hemingway poem nor Hitler | Reviewer: Sean | 4/9/10

Thom has stated that this song is about the Amiriyah Shelter Massacre in which the US dropped a bomb on a civilian shleter in Iraq in the Gulf War 1991 that killed over 400 civilians. Mostly women and children.

My thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/10

I always thought this song was about the last days of Hitler, and the end of the massive fantasy that the Nazi empire had been, the "white elephant", that had become a "sitting duck", and now the "real world" is coming to "meet" them, "coming out of your shell". At first I thought these impressions were just assumptions from hearing the first and second lines, but now, looking at the full song' lyrics, my opinion is strengthened. However, if Thom has expressly stated that it's about something else, then it's about something else.

Still, it remains a very powerful song, and holds something from all of the styles that Radiohead have explored throughout their career.

bunker | Reviewer: baray | 7/30/08

this word is so catchin, like another song titled idiotique, he sing it "whos in bunker.."
he is really wanna be idiot. and wanna sitting in a safest place from the tsunami, the place is his "simple salvatore", is a "bunker".

White Elephants | Reviewer: Julia | 4/17/08

I was studying and listening to Radiohead and all the sudden I heard the phrase "white elephants" and my ears perked and once I looked over the lyrics that this entire song is related to Hemingway's short story: "Hills Like White Elephants" - I suggest anyone who likes this song to read, it makes perfect sense.

These lyrics are the thoughts of the man in the story, the reader cannot know his thoughts specifically because Hemingway presents most of the story as a dialogue, and so the man's thoughts must be inferred from what he is saying, which is clearly what Radiohead is doing here.


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