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Randy Newman I Will Go Sailing No More Lyrics

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Out among the stars I sail
Way beyond the moon
In my silver ship I sail
A dream that ended too soon
Now I know exactly who I am
And what I'm here for
And I will go sailing no more

All the things I thought I'd be
All the brave things I'd done
Vanished like a snowflake
With the rising of the sun
Never more to sail my ship
Where no man has gone before
And I will go sailing no more

No it can't be true
I could fly if I wanted to
Like a bird in the sky
I believe I can fly
Why I'd fly

Clearly I will go sailing, no more

Thanks to Spud Kilner for submitting I Will Go Sailing No More Lyrics.

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I go sailing no more | Reviewer: Vi Luth | 1/28/2006

Like everything else, a song has a meaning far beyond its words if it touches a spot in you unseen by others.
When you fill up your tanks, and fire your motors, and a mighty flame and roar ensues you feel you're going to the stars ... then everything sputters and dies down as quickly as it began ... and you crash to the dirt.
But is it the end or are there still pathways to stars left to be explored?

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