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Beach Boys I Went To Sleep Lyrics

Last updated: 01/11/2008 10:00:00 AM

I took a walk and sat down in a park
The gardener walked out and the sprinklers went on
They watered the lawn and I went to sleep

Ten thirty I turned my radio on
Some group was playing a musical song
It wasn't too long and I went to sleep

Again at the park on a nice summer day
High up above me the trees gently sway
A bird flew away and I went to sleep

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Great Sleep Song | Reviewer: Ken | 1/11/2008

When my daughter was small she had trouble getting to sleep so I would hold her in my arms and sing this song to her about 6 times. By the middle of the sixth, she would be out. I love this song because it is so "Brian Wilson' - great vocal - lazy song - puts you right in the mood. At this stage there was still hope that Brian could put it all together and start producing the Beach Boys again. I've always felt that he should have released "Smile" back in 1967 as a solo album - it may have saved him from years of problems and gotten the rest of the band in line.