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Marvin Gaye I Want You Lyrics

Last updated: 09/26/2013 01:24:35 PM

I want you the right way
I want you
But I want you to want me too
Want you to want me, baby
Just like I want you

I give you all the love I want in return sweet darling. Pure happiness is all I crave.
It's too bad, It's just too sad
You don't want me now
But I'm gonna change your mind
Someway,somehow,oh baby


this one way love is just a fantasy, oh sugar
To share is precious, pure and fair
Don't play with something you should cherish for life,oh baby
Don't you wanna care
Ain't it lonely out there


Repeat and fade

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The greatest | Reviewer: jmb | 6/23/13

This song stirs so much from the soul u think it is just another groovy love song but it is really a raw emotion all on its own that commands a resonsponse in the form movement many songs can make u move thos on ome of those rare gems that makes u wanna live...

I WANT YOU | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/12

I was a senior in high school when this album broke and it was number 1. Marvin Gaye was a singer who put all he had into his music. Just listen to some of the early songs and especially the duets with Tammi Terrell.

grooving... | Reviewer: angela a. trehern | 6/29/10

this is a very beautiful song, the melody is grooving...very laid back and mellow with heartfelt words...marvin gaye was an awesome singer, i missed seeing one would go with me to the saenger in new orleans,then his father shoe i have regretted not going ever since... todd rundgren my all time favorite music artist covers the song on several of his albums in a different style and does a great job!!

The Marvelous one | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/10

Some days I tell myself that I listen to Marvin Gaye a bit too much. I once played this song almost exclusively on a trip from Connecticut to Georgia while driving. Listening to Marvin sing feels almost as good as,or on some days, better than making love. We are blessed to still have his music to listen to. Honestly, Marvin is the one artist or person that I really wish I had had the pleasure of meeting and knowing. He put his everything into a song !!!!

I Want You | Reviewer: beautiful | 3/11/10

I agree with Erica. That's tha1st time I heard the song, though, and before I heard the actual song, I woulld repeat that one part of the movie. I grew up with old school, but I heard Marvin in secret. No lie, Marvin can do things, and that song fit that scene perfectly. This is a very beautiful song. And any song from Marvin can bring a tear to my eyes. I'm 17, but I know for sure, he's the best there is and my generation has seriously missed out...

One of my favourite songs by the great Marvin Gaye.... | Reviewer: SB | 11/21/09

I love the last comment...This song absolutely does the same to me. Though I was born a decade after this song was released, I listened to it from a young age and took to classic funk and soul early on.....Especially Marvin. This song in its entirety - singing, lyrics, instrumentals, everything - is such a sincere work of art constructed by absolute love from the heart....Beautiful.

scent of a memory | Reviewer: Komer | 7/14/09

This song takes you to places deep in your memory, innocent infatuations, long ago feelings towards someone you saw in a party or at some friend's place. The perfume that was in the air at that moment, a smile, how her hair looked like,,,

Honoring Marvin | Reviewer: Quimp | 5/30/09

I can see why this was a #1 hit in 1976. From the strings, bongos, electric guitar, & the bass line Marvin with that smooth r&b doo wop back ground vocals. It is a must I listen to it everyday R.I.P Marvin Gaye We Surely will miss your voice and your writing talents GOD BLESS your soul

So touching | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/27/09

I was watching Marvin Gaye's Biography, and they played a bit of'I want u' - I could FEEL it, u wouldn't believe it, but my eyes got teary, that's how much i felt it..this song is a masterpiece! so damn good.

I want you..................................... | Reviewer: S. Anderson | 10/23/08

This song is awesome! It can relate to any relationships current and previous. This is a song for special request to that special someone you care for dearly but, feels that you're not getting that same feeling effect in return. I can truly relate and rely on this song to carry me over with a good gratification and sensual feeling on the inside and outside. I am truly a Marvin Gaye's fan. All of Marvin Gaye's songs are real music from the old schools and will continue to be forever.

To be direct! I am feeling the effect from the lyric in this Song to my special someone (Red!)

I WANT YOU.......... | Reviewer: S. Anderson | 10/23/08

This song is awesome! It is truly a song that can relate to relationships current and previous. I am truly a Marvin Gayes fan. The lyrics speaks on an individual not receiving the same effect from that special someone. To be direct! I am dealing with that effect to my special someone (RED). I know it's just a phase that will someday fade. out................

This song is real!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/08

It's just something about Marvin's music that gets me! He's so real! I can appreciate what he says on so many levels, even if I havent experience what he's talking about myself. This song is so true...been there can relate.

=) Me Likie | Reviewer: Erica | 11/16/07

It was funny when they played this song while Jill Scott's character was checking out that dashing sherrif in the Tyler Perry movie"Why Did I get Married." I heard the song and was like..."Marvin oh it's Marvin." Beautiful song, it worked well in that scene too. It worked so well, i had to pull out a Gaye cd w/this track and just relax.