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Backstreet Boys I Wanna Be Happy Lyrics

Last updated: 07/24/2007 11:00:00 AM

I've seen people come and go, seen people fall in & outta
As my mother told me she said don't let life control
me, but I did
So what you think of me, what you think of me now and who I
I'm everything you wanted me to be, as you can see not very

I need some time to find myself within me
And I need some time to find true love (ooo)
But if I can't then I won't stop trying
If i don't then i won't live lying
What do people really want?
they wanna be happy...
I wanna be happy.

Thanks to Jenna for submitting I Wanna Be Happy Lyrics.

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i wanna be happy | Reviewer: karen | 7/23/2007

even though its short its avery great song and alex explained eveything his been, ad is going thought

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I Wanna Be Happy song | Reviewer: sam | 5/27/2007

I love this song I would love to hear more but from what I heard it's amazing AJ a great song writer and vocalist.

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review | Reviewer: reda | 4/10/2007

it's one of the best sad songs here aj explain what he is feeling ...

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