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Stratovarius I Walk to My Own Song Lyrics

Last updated: 02/26/2009 10:00:00 AM

I'm walking the street and I hear what you say
Advising me, telling me how to play
I know your name, it's called Mr.Mean
One thing I've learned you don't know beans

High I fly
I touch the sky
Far above your frozen hearts
You can't kill my dreams
You can't kill my spirit
I was born to be free

I walk to my own song
Every day the power grows stronger in me
I walk to my own song
Head up proud
I'm the master of my own destiny

You think you know what is better for me
Holding me lectures of how I should be
Shrugging my shoulders I leave you behind
Anyway I look at it you are blind

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Excellent indeed | Reviewer: NOCTVRNVS | 6/12/2007

I hear that my friend, Stratovarius knows where it's at. Not brainwashing "black metal" BS.

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Fkn Excellent Song | Reviewer: Elber Hijon | 4/14/2007

Stratovarius Rules... no need to talk about satanic crap or shit like that... Highly powerful and positive lyrics.

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