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Natalie Cole I Told You So Lyrics

Last updated: 09/19/2011 11:00:00 AM

I heard it on the grapevine
Straight from the horses mouth
They’re saying on the grapevine
That he’s heading north and you’re going south
I hate to say it but, I told you so
Before the curtain fell, I told you so

I’ve known for a long time it couldn’t last
Now you’re just a memory
In his long and distant past
How can you tell someone who is starry eyed
Her Dr Jekel’s really Mr Hyde

I know, I‘ve seen it all before
I loved him once, but that was long ago
Well I told you so


I tried to warn you
I tried to let you know
I hoped I won’t have to say
That I told you so
But he’s losing interest
And you feel like a bore
Then you one day you wake inside to hear a closing door
How can you tell someone who is mystified
That vintage champagne is really cyanide
I know, I’ve seen it all before
I loved him once but now the stars don’t show
Well I told you so

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