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Dolly Parton I Still Lost You Lyrics

Last updated: 03/03/2005 10:00:00 AM

Nothing new nothing different nothing better nothing more
Nothing else to give you I didn't give before
I gave my love completely my heart was always yours
It wouldn't do I still lost you

You want to give it one chance don't know why we should
We'd never get that far again or make the love that good
We had our chance we blew it and I'll never understand
Careless fools I still lost you

You want to fan the flames of love stir up passion's fire
Conjure up familiar lusts stir up past desires
What we had then we don't have now and I would just compare
I refuse I still lost you

Too late for starting over it hardly ever works
Too many missing pieces too much water too much hurt
I already lost you once and that makes matters worse
What's the use I still lost you

Oh you want to fan the flames of love...
Oh what's the use I still lost you I lost you

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