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Tricky I Sing for You Lyrics

Last updated: 03/30/2000 12:54:32 AM

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We're the only ones here so speak your mind,
I feed your appetite, now you feed mine.
I sing for you, so you can find your way home.

There's nothing to fear but fear itself,
If you know how to look inside yourself.
I sing for you.

Forget all you learned from yesterday,
If you learn how to change, you'll change today.
I sing for you, so you can find your way home.
I pray for you.

And I breathe aside my impurities,
But I can't take your insecurities.
If you trust, then trust me now.
Can you trust?

Round and round together, round and round forever.
Pray for me, pray for me till I can find my way home.
Leave me now, so I can be alone.
Can you be alone?

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