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Celine Dion I Remember L.A. Lyrics

Last updated: 09/30/2013 09:08:15 AM

I remember L.A.
Seems a lifetime ago
We were stars on Sunset Boulevard
What a movie we made

There were days in the sun
That have stayed forever young
Nights when passion was invincible
We thought love would never die

There were moments in that lifetime
That my heart still replays
There were minutes, there were hours, there were days
There are moments I still love you that same way
When I remember L.A.

I remember goodbye
I watched your plane out of sight
Love was over, time to close the book
Still I go back for one last look

(Repeat Chorus)

Thanks to Ross W for submitting I Remember L.A. Lyrics.

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Love the song | Reviewer: Bruton, Kenya | 9/30/13

Wow Celene!! even though you sung the song before I started falling i love,It reminds me the first girl i Had fallen in love with........."Love was over, time to close the book
Still I go back for one last look"

I Love It. Wonderful! | Reviewer: curvecrazy | 3/4/11

I just bumbled on this song and wow... first I had to figure out the lyrics cause I couldn't figure them out listening but thanks to this site I figured it out and it really came together for me. Wow. Yes. Thank you. I played it over and over just savoring it and how it was my heart singing there back to me.... Inspirational. What a treat to stumble on songs like this. Amazing and how she presents it is just so REAL. ++++

I love it | Reviewer: PKM | 1/2/11

This song portrays my relatioship with Wendy, there were moments, there were minutes, there were hours.....i still love her, bt i just have to accept that love is over bt i want jst 1 last look.....I STIL LOVE U WENDY

chrisp | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/10

this song will always be special to me. i remember being younger and just starting to fall in i feel tears coz celine just knows how to sing many of my emotions. i love her and her songs so much and really wish i could meet her. glad to know she has many other fans out there.

i love it | Reviewer: itumeleng | 9/3/10

this song touches me in a way that i don't know how to explain, the way she sings from within it makes everything seems so right, im a big fan although i've nevr been in la but somehow it makes me feel like i have

The Good Times and Great Memories | Reviewer: Ken Sparkes | 3/30/08

This is one song that stands out as a truly great LA songs. It pictures so many of my memories of the City and the hopes and aspirations, the highs and lows, the wins and losses, that all the good folk I met and worked with had, during my time in the "City of Angels" sometimes called "The City of Angles."
I will always remember LA.

I Remember LM | Reviewer: Harvey NB | 12/5/07

My high school sweetheart's initnals were LM and we broke up when I went to Toronto for college. This song portrays our relationship, what a movie we made. There are moments in my lifetime that my heart still replays, there were minuites, there were hours there were days. Lindsay, there are moments I still love you that same old way. Thank you for what we had, you are such as inspiration to me. Love is over, time to close the book, still I go back for one last look. I love you

I love the song | Reviewer: Leo Campbell | 2/20/07

I just want tell Celine Dion, how big of a fan i am with all ur songs i just love her so much, and i hope that some day we can meet. I remember L.A., do a lot for me words cannot explain how i feel when i hear the some. Lots of love Celine