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Marc Anthony I Reach For You Lyrics

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Baby love
Sometimes it's hard for me to tell you what I'm thinking of
So I try to find a way that I can show you love
What you mean to me

It's not enough to give you everything that you were ever dreaming of
I could never find a way that I could pay you love
For all the things you do
'Cause when my life gets crazy
The only one who comforts me is you

When I'm feeling all alone
When I'm searching for someone I can run to
I reach for you
When I need a hand to hold
Or a place where I can feel what love can do
I reach for you

Needing you
Is something that I've really gotten used to
I can't imagine being here with no one else
No one but you

What I found
Is it dosen't get much better than when you're around
Having you is all I really need when I get down
You pull me through

'Cause when my life
Gets crazy
The only one who comforts me is you

[Repeat Chorus]

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reaches out to those... | Reviewer: Maha | 6/16/2005

I believe that Marc Anthony reaches out to those of us who are madly inlove but can't find the words to say it or express it. So his lyrics are like a dictionary, which we can reach for and find the words or phrases we need to express to our love one what we are feeling. This song is one of the pages in the "love" dictionary I believe most of us can relate to.

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