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One, two, three... Will

I ran away from you
That's all I ever do
And though I started here
I ran away from you

I'm gonna come on in
And see it through

I ran away from you
That's all I ever do

And when I heard you call to
Come back to me
And though I should stay
I don't have the stomach to

Everyone I know
Says I'm a fool to mess with you
Everyone I know
Says it's a stupid thing to do

I have your love on call
And yet my day is not so full
There might be nothing left to do
So I ran away from you

I'm gonna come on in
My eyes are closed

I can feel it there
The sun's so close
I'm gonna come on out
And burn the sky

A star arose in my own cage
I'm stuck in line
And in a cage

Just a single star
I sing for

Everyone I know
Says I'm a fool to mess with you
Everyone I know
Says it's a stupid thing to do

I have your love on call
And yet my day is not so full
And I did not know what to do
And so I ran away from you

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Space... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/11

She loved him but can't let go fully. She goes back but things will never be the same, things will never be fixed. She needs to move on but it haunts her to leave completely. No one supports her being with him. She is afraid to commit to him. Love isn't enough to make her stay. She runs away every time.

she is so scared | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/11

she is deathly afraid to depend on him. everyone she has ever loved has left her. please wait for her she doesn't know were to find u. she is ready her eyes are shut and she won't open them until u say I do.she sees u in everything she does. everyones eyes, in food, in art, in music, in her dreams, in her wishes, in het happiness , in her pain, in her anger , she breathes you. every step is with u in all her senses. help me I haven't learned how to ask u to come for me

What I think. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/11

This song is about a girl who he loves but he cant just love her. He leaves for other girls, running away from her. He feels bad but can't help himself. She loves him and begs for him to come back to her but He didn't in time.

Now she loves him and is there for him, but doesn't love him like she used to. His friends tell him not to bother with her, but now he's interested.

"though I started here" I was originally in love with you, but I ran away, now I'm back.

"I'm stuck in line" Now I have to wait for you to come back to me.

"And I did not know what to do" I love/d you so much but I wasn't ready to settle down.

no | Reviewer: xxnetkoxx | 9/5/10

this song is about a girl that loves him so much, and he feels that love, he cares for her aswell, but he doesn't love her back..... i believe it says that everyone thinks he is stupid to mess it up cause she is obviously great, but he doesn't want it with his whole heart and he's sad that he feels this way....

Beautifull song | Reviewer: ditta | 8/11/10

I think the song is about he loves someone and she loves him too , but he just cant be with her . one of the reason is because everyone he know told him that they aren't right for each other so it's not gonna make it if they are together. i love this song so much . Its like my own lovestory. So sad.

Another beautiful love song by Coldplay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/10

I believe the line "yet my day is not so full" is wrong, I think he says "and yet my belly is so full." I think the meaninig of this song is he loves a girl and she loves him too, but others obviously don't believe she is right for him or possibly they are'nt even right for each other and he is sick of hearing all the things from others about her and gets confused and runs away from her. Another masterpiece by Coldplay, their love songs, almost every one of their songs are priceless in terms of their emotional pull and how they make you feel.

Overwhelms You and it Drives You... | Reviewer: Laura | 6/29/10

Where to even begin. Being a huge Coldplay fan, I know their catalog by heart but, this song speaks with a lot of words. The bass I think is one of Guy's best and the guitar is driven. It makes me think of the Ocean. The drumming isn't over done and it's perfect. Just perfect. Then Chris comes in and he glues everything. His voice is honest and compassionate and this song in particular can kill me. I never get tired of it. The violins towards the end add a somewhat haunting effect followed by the guitar and everything explodes like hot honey in you tounge. So beautiful and well exacuted.

hit the spot | Reviewer: pancho | 4/21/10

This song is about you being with someone that is the best person for you, at least in the eyes of others, there is nothing wrong with that person.. but you still dont love her. your day is not full with her, and so you run away from the love that she gives you. you don't have the stomich to endure that you dont give the same love that she gives to you, you dont want to waste her time, nobody understands and its the hardest desicion.

gosh this just happened to me and I really feel the words.

beautiful | Reviewer: Erin | 5/3/09

I just discovered this song and am already in love with it! Coldplay's older and lesser known songs have come to be my favorite. I like how this song talks about running away from love, or at least that's how I interpret it. He loves someone and she loves him, but he doesn't know what to do about it. Beautiful!

What a song | Reviewer: jenny | 8/5/07

A few of the lesser known rather lesser popular of Coldplay songs but still damn catchy. Once again the guitaring is awesome...it can put anyone in the state of trance....theres somethin about the way Jonny plays his guitar; simply mesmerising. Chris Martin as always is great without any iota of doubt.

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