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Harry Connick, Jr. I Need to Be in Love Lyrics

Last updated: 02/28/2010 11:00:00 AM

Let me love you while you’re young
I hear the same old love song
Night after night after night
And though I’m not the one the verse regards
Wouldn’t it be fair
To hear my name in there
Well, maybe it’s just not in the cards

I need to be in love
I’ve never been in love
Almost every song they play
Says it’s quite a run
(And) surely any kind of love
Is worthier than none

I want to be alone
With someone else’s touch
Every tune that opens always
Closes with a dance
And if it opens up to me
I won’t forsake my chance

But I thing I don’t know
Is how it’s supposed to go
No one ever sat down to explain
My own experience
Has left me on the fence
Mister, could you play
That love song once again?

I want to live the words
That I have only heard
Never have I walked before in
Someone else’s dream
But I’ve been lonely long enough
In mine and it may seem like greed
But I need to be in love
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