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XTC I Need Protection Lyrics

Last updated: 07/01/2000 01:55:16 AM

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Oh, I need protection

Nothing is safe and,
Nothing is truly sacred,
If you want to stay alive,
Keep your body from the undertakers.

Sing out!

Oh, I need protection.

Have you ever had a threat?
Have you ever had [call / cold] [pause to make] stare?
You can see it on TV,
From the pleasing safety of your armchair.

Sing out!

Oh, I need protection.

When it slap you in the face,
Will you take [down] [far / Barth] to consi?der
What will you do,
when he says to you, "Stand, deliver"?

Will you take to your heels,
And fight to brazen your features?
Yeah, it won't go away,
With just one click of your fingers.

Sing out!

Oh, I need protection

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