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Peter, Paul & Mary I NEED ME TO BE FOR ME Lyrics

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Hey Jess, I heard you talkin' on the telephone
And I wish that you could say it to my face
I know you think I've changed and I don't love you
But I've only reached another time and space.

I guess we've been avoiding total honesty
But we can't leave confrontation on the shelf
Though I know that love brought us together
In finding one another I almost lost myself.

I need me to be for me, to be free and to discover
I need me to be for me, and then we still can be for each other.

Who am I deprived of my identity
If I am not myself when we're apart
What is love that mirrors back no sense of me
What can I give to you now if it isn't my own heart?

(Chorus X2)

And then we still can be for each other.

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