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Prince I Love U, But I Don抰 Trust U Anymore Lyrics

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I could tell from the moment U walked in the room
That it wasn抰 your dress U had on
That wasn抰 your perfume
And what happened 2 the ring that I gave U?
What am I 2 assume?
I love U, but I just don抰 trust U anymore

U could tell from the moment U looked in my eyes
That I could see right through ■U must apologise
I抳e always given U the best in life
Even in the wrong, it was right
I know U trust me, but U don抰 love me anymore

I remember meeting U here in the good ol■days
I would never pick the flower of my favourite proteg■Maybe if I would have
Then U would not treat me this way
U tricked me - but U will not anymore

No, no
I love you, but I don抰 trust U anymore

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