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Dolly Parton I Know You By Heart Lyrics

Last updated: 05/09/2006 12:00:00 PM

[ with Smokey Robinson ]

Everybody want to find a love somebody somebody who would always care
We get locked up in our own worlds with feelings and secrets we're afraid to share

But all I have to do is see your smile and maybe just maybe if I brush your hand
Something happens I cannot ecplain and somehow oh somehow I can understand
I think you're gonna find gonna find you I'm reading your mind gonna find you

I know you by heart and you're so much a part of me
I know you by heart yes I do
There's no wonder I can love you the way that I do
I can finish any sentense you start
I know you I know you by heart

I know every time they're gonna call I pick up the phone before it ever rings
And when you need some loving I'll be there beside you anticipating everything
It's like I always said you're the one I want I'm inside your head all I want is you

I know you by heart...
[ guitar - harmonica ]
I know you by heart...
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