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Robert Plant is a slimy fuck
John Bonham man, he really sucked
Those greedy fuckers, those phoney shits
They made their money off idiots
I hate Led Zeppelin (x2)
12 dollar concerts were all the rage
They bought cocaine for Jimmy Page
"Stairway to Heaven" makes me see red
Bonzo's buried, only three more left
I hate Led Zeppelin (x2)

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Calm the fuck down | Reviewer: Innis | 1/30/13

People, I am both a MASSIVE fan of Led Zeppelin and Screeching Weasel. This song is amazing, I don't agree with it, but that don't make it a shit song, hell, even Mindless Self Indulgence made a song called "I Hate Jimmy Page". Bands take the piss out of each other the whole time. Snot with Brett from Bad Religon with "Mr. Brett", Jonathan Davis and Fred Durst in "All In The Family". I am a fan of ALL these musicians and I love all the songs where they take the piss out of other musicians. Some people need to realize not all music is to over-analyse. Sometimes you just gotta lay back, chill the fuck out and listen to the tunes.

F ur e go | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/12

Screeching weesles r a ignorint band if u want to call them. those fag out cast should learn how to play a gutair they suck no tallent and should just quit those little winey pussys just live to hate

YOU SUCK!!! | Reviewer: Led Head | 3/16/12

Yeah, I wouldn't mind if Screeching Weasel made fun of Justin Bieber, but the almighty Led Zeppelin??? Your mind must be corrupt in order to disrespect the founders of ROCK! and make music out of it.

Unbelievable | Reviewer: Lottie | 1/17/11

I can't believe any band would write lyrics so disrespectful to the life of anyone, let alone four people with immense musical talent. The suggestion that it's a good thing Bonzo lost his life so young is just plain cruel. If anyone wants to present musical talent they should write lyrics that inspire people and show respect to others, regardless of what they think of them.

wow | Reviewer: afi900y@yahoo.com | 2/21/10

ok led zepplin is annoying overplayed and they are old, screeching weasel is anoyin overplayed and now are old. two bands diifferent styles and both rebbelling. in ben weasels day giving your godly elders hell was rebelling. and btw SCRECHING IS BACK!!!! so fuck led zepplin! and one more thing ben weasel hates everything and yotube "ben weasel" by the queers it'll give u info on ben weasel

What's everyone's deal? | Reviewer: J | 1/17/10

Guys, it's PUNK ROCK. One of the staples of punk rock is a seething disdain for the mainstream. If you don't get that, why are you even listening? Led Zepplin was, and still is, horrendously overplayed. Writing a song like this is understandable, even commendable from my point of view. So those of you who only seek to flame a great band, kindly GTFO and take your fail with you.

You Fail. | Reviewer: Vanny Dapid | 4/30/09

You fail to see the imagination of 'I hate led zepplin'...
that's fine, you don't like sw, but its pretty righteous to write that song as someone who grew up around the time when all the lame f*cking jocks were pumping their fists to "whole lotta love". Ben was an outcast, and he wrote music for HIS people of the time. People who thought led Zepplin was a jokeā€”he listened to the Ramones, Richard Hell or whatever. $12 concerts might sound cheap now, cause you're probably paying 85.00 for nose bleeds at the Jonas Brothers (they, like, totally respect rock and roll history), but Ben was playing free basement shows and creating something totally new, or carrying on a vibe in a place that it was new. Led Zepplin was just the soundtrack to the herbs of high school. I think this song, and boogada in its entirety is easily one of the best 50 punk records of all time.
Respect your roots my man, b/c I'm sure all these pro-zep comments are from one douche.

someone is jealous!!! | Reviewer: shay | 1/8/09

screeching weasel you suck! led zep made alot of money doing what they love which is obviously something you will never do. you are just to stupid to realize a great and awesome thing when you see it. or else you just dont care. ohh and i have news for you if it wasnt for led zep and most of the bands from the 60's and 70's your shitty band wouldnt be here!!!

hahaha | Reviewer: mark | 5/31/07

don't you guys see? screeching weasel doesn't understand the concept of a show costing money because they aren't good enough musicians to deserve pay for a gig... led zep made a lot of cash, did a lot of drugs, and STILL created a lot of good music, live and in the studio, i don't see the need for there to be a song about hating them for being successful.

Screw You! | Reviewer: Led Zep fan | 4/7/07

Whats rong with u!
Led zeppelin r the greatest rock band of all time!
How dare you insult them like that, ur a discrace to have posted that as a song and u dont have the right to put them down n any way.

You've got issues.

great song | Reviewer: ur ma' on drugs | 9/1/06

Making fun of "the founders of rock" is one of the things that make Screeching Weasel a great punk band. Anybody who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

Awful | Reviewer: Mr.T | 6/4/06

making a song about jealousy of agruably the best band of all time, just proves how childish and immature awful musicians can be when they should be respecting the founders of rock

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