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Relient K I Hate Christmas Parties Lyrics

Last updated: 01/17/2011 11:00:00 AM

[Performed by Matthew Thiessen & the Earthquakes]

I hope it snows this week,
A snow flake on your cheek
Would make this Christmas so Beautiful
But that would just bring the pain
Cause things can’t stay the same
These Holidays won’t be wonderful

I look under the tree
But there’s nothing to see
Cause it’s a broken heart that you’re giving me

I can’t figure you out
Is this what Christmas is all about
Cause it’s a broken heart that you’re giving me

[Verse 2]
I don’t wanna talk
I’m sick of all this talking
A broken heart wrapped up in a Box
There's tear drops in my stocking

I hate Christmas parties,
You offer me some punch,
But I just shrug
I hate Christmas parties
You and the cookie tray
Both hear me say
"Ba! Humbug"

Ful la la la la la…la la la la la la [x3]

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