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Gorilla Zoe I Got It Lyrics

Last updated: 01/05/2010 11:00:00 AM

it aint trickin if you got it, And i got bad i just wanna take a shot at'it, later on hit the club and get it poppin..girl i told u it aint trickin if you got it....I got it, U got it..I want it, so bad i wanna see u in the mornin....


Hop up in the whip and get outa here,
I can turn ur wrist into a chandalere..U go where i go, i go where u go
U can go where i go, i go where u wont go, trips to Acapulco..probably cus i got dough, baby i got game though i am not a label, Gucci gucci gucci baby come up out that rainbow...swag to the left to the right with me and I can cover your body with loaded V...Fantasy fulfilled if ur comin with me, Introduce ya to a lavish life of luxury..Its just u and me wherever we go all that i know is that we buyin the store, And wer spendin the doe, tell me whats gonna break me, Receipts so long man they thinkin im crazy..If u were my baby, you can have anything, I got it...just take a card out my wallet...It aint trickin if you got it, & i got it...U got it, I want bad


Shawty got that GOOD GOOD, man i gotta have it, ass so fat man i just wanna grab it. thats a bad habit, excuse my hands. i wanna kidnapp you baby change your plans...Monday is germany, tuesdays japan, wedneday is italy, thursday is france..friday is yacht day, u and all ur friends, chillin on the coast of puerto rico with ya man


Its all on you, tell me what it do..but ya gotta tell me before the night is through...I said my time is money and baby money is i got money, i wanna make u mine..i said its all on you tell me what it do...
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