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So you say you're ignored
As it is,
Well, give us your sad, sad trip

You're right, I get it
It all makes sense, you're the perfect person
So right, so wrong
Let's all live in your imaginary life

Assumed it's whether
We're right, or wrong
We're doomed, and there's plenty for all

How dare you catch me counting
How dare you call at all
How dare you call this suffering
How dare you call at all

You're right, I get it
It all makes sense, you're the perfect person
So right, so wrong
Let's all live in your imaginary life

Pass on these tenets
They double in time
The touch of life, once failed to mention so far

Of course the law is fountains
Of face to face remorse
Of fast and restless blackmail
Like pent up fetish force

You're right, I get it
It all makes sense, you're the perfect person
So right, so wrong
Let's all live in your imaginary life

Do you want it enough?
Do you want it at all?
Should you need it at all?
Takes a minute to see
Do you want it enough?
Do you want it at all?
Should you need it at all?
Do you want it or not?

You're right, I get it
It all makes sense, you're the perfect person
So right, so wrong
Let's all live in your imaginary life

Life, life, life.

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My Take On This | Reviewer: Adam Rock | 6/12/14

Vengeance, perhaps? After watching the video, I saw a man whose boss cheats on his wife and is a jackwagon towards his fellow workers. Chevelle does a stellar job of instigating sarcasm towards those who think they're perfect.

ahhhh best song evaaa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/10

I LOVE CHEVELLE. I really don't understand this song very much, but I LOVE IT. His voice, the bass, the words, it all ties in together to make it an AWESOME SONG. I also agree that Chevelle isn't really a punk band.

It ROCKS | Reviewer: Ashlynn Antinora | 4/26/10

Anything Chevelle creates is a masterpiece! Therefore, This song: I Get It is a masterpiece itself. The theme, a man whos boss cheats on his wife and is terriable towards his coworkers gets payback from the one he least expects is INGENIOUS! Personaly I believe the lead singer is a major hotty! The Guitar Guy in the song "Vitamian R (leading us along)" is a hotty too, at least on that music video, otherwise, the hottness is lowered down a level. This wonderful band has a way with special affects on the music videos. I like the lead singer's voice, it is rather higher pitched than the average male singer. Although, He can still hit those low notes. He has the voice of an angel! In the good way!!! the Clincher is pretty good too. Overall, Chevelle has there way with words, they are EXTREMELY hot(at times), and have wonderful music videos!


I love this band | Reviewer: Juhsga | 1/20/10

This is a good song, I just wanted to state that this ought not be considered a punk band. More specifically they fall somewhere between Rock, Alternative, and Industrial. When I first discovered this band it was like 4am, another night I couldn't sleep, and their music video came on for either "Mia" or "Point#1", ever since I have been eager to hear more from this band. BTW, if anyone hasn't seen the video I am talking about ..you should, because it rocks. The one I am talking about is like a Tool-style video with claymation but is really dark and demented. Back then I would definitely classify them more as industrial than main-stream rock, even though they were on a Christian rock music channel. Nowadays, though, they have been targeting a larger audience no-doubt because of their label. I had a chance to see them live and go backstage (I was so drunk I ate their food, the guys that played before them ...I think Shinedown ..were like whose this dude eating all our food ...is he a roadie?? I was so blitzed I didn't even care ...craziness!) and the band just went from stage to their coach without even talking or meeting any fans ...kinda sucked and was less of an organic action ...like they didn't want to be there then. I feel their label had in ball-n-chains then in 2006. Still love their music though!

Chicago rocks.. | Reviewer: TC | 5/15/09

Chevelle is one of the best punk rock bands in the scene to hit it mainstream and definately one of the best of Chicago just like another Chicago product, Rise Against. All of their music comes from personal experience. I heard the new song off of the forthcoming album, the track was called Jars...pretty intense with some sick chords...can't wait for it to make the radio!

modern rock at it's best | Reviewer: amp | 2/19/09

chevelle has such a unique sound that has so much appeal. whether you generally listen to hard core rock/metal or alternative. it falls gracefully between. i absolutely love this song. their use of sarcasm in their lyrics and just the way they approach it makes it one of the best songs out there.
chevelle is awesome.

hey, I get it! | Reviewer: Mark | 3/11/08

Jared: Chevelle has got to be one of the most powerful and best bands right now. Almost every one one of their songs are written from personal experience, so how is that "fabricated bullshit music"?

It isn't. It actually means something, unlike most modern rap, pop, and (so called) punk (really pop punk, total BS, real punk has a point)

What is this song about? It's about their bassist brother who (according to the others) left the band because of personal reasons, and according to him, he was fired due to undisclosed reasons, so they wrote a song about him. It's pretty obvious that's what it's about, since it's bass driven.

As for myself, I believe this is one of their best songs. Chevelle is such a big influence on my writing and playing style, I don't know how I would make it without them.

I got it- | Reviewer: cooker | 1/29/08

an awesome song which encompasses what Chevelle is all about, such as is the case with Closure, Well Enough Alone, Vitamin R, and the Clincher.

Have you seen the video?? if not, check it out- it's one of the most creative out there.
btw- remind me never to let jared be my personal DJ...

Bloody Great Man.... | Reviewer: Corey | 1/14/08

I seen this song live before it was on the radio...simply amazing. Who knows what was goin on in they're head when they wrote it, but my interpretation was that of someone was taking all the blame in a relationship and got sick of it.. How I can relate....

Song is about their brother...the old bassist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/08

This song was written about their brother who used to be the bassist. It was a bad breakup at first and that's how this one was pinned. ;) The brother in law is now their bassist so they kept it in the family.

love it | Reviewer: italgrl13 | 11/30/07

I like this song alot. my interpretation of it is about someone who doesn't see the wrong that they are doing, and chevelle usues sarcasm, like hey i get it youre perfect, your so right, but really this person is wrong. he uses sarcasm and says lets all live in your imaginary world. like ya OK!! and then he refers to tannins, which in my opnion is like this person he is talking about uses defnse mechanisms to block out reality when it is clear to everyone else what is going on. like a bad relationship song....

nice | Reviewer: haley | 11/8/07

im not the biggest chevelle fan but i do like most of their songs. this song doesnt really sound like any of the other songs its a whole lot different and thats why i like it.

HAHHAHA | Reviewer: jared | 10/3/07

I heard this on the radio today...OMG, I listened to the radio driving home from work. That should have been enough right there.

This song isthe best ever created?

This song fails. Bad. Chevelle is a horrible band. People that don't know what true music is, listen's to this fabricated bullshit music.

Gag, me.

powerful | Reviewer: teddy | 9/11/07

This song really is refreshing with rock music being so lame lately. It has an intensity and mytique combined with that epic symphonic transcendental sound that i truely love!

Best | Reviewer: Octopussy | 5/21/07

Best song ever created. I love the way he says "well give us your sad sad trip"

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