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Cassidy I Get It In Lyrics

Last updated: 06/06/2012 12:00:00 PM

Uh... Dolla Bill Kids (Da Hustla) (Larsiny Family)

I I get it in, I get it, I get it in, I get it in, get it in
gaa gaa gaa get it, get it in
I was in the hosptial and I don't been in the pen,
so if they don't get it in
I don't fuck wit them niggas then
I I get it in, I get it, I get it in, I get it in, get it in
gaa gaa gaa get it, get it in
A hustle is a hustle, the hustle never end,
so if they don't get it in
I don't fuck wit them niggas then

[Verse 1]
I'm on probation, tryna not to break the rules
got guns I never shot, I'm tryin not to make the news
I ain't got 40 acres and a mule, but I'm cool
I got cake, I only need a couple acres and a pool
My bitch will never break up, she will hate to make a move
But she know that imma mac like that make-up that she use
I just fucked this cake up on some jewels,
My diamonds yellow like the uniforms that the Lakers and them use
And for your information,
Let's make some clarification
I'm the best and got checks
like a Twitter verification (fire)
I inspire myself,
If you a boss you should hire some help,
and then fire ya self!


[Verse 2]
I'm on probation, so I'm tryna take it light
Ran trains on bitches you was tryna make ya wife
I'm chillin, I ain't tryna take ya ice
I'll leave you with ya chain gone
Brain gone
I'm tryna take ya life
Burglary, Burglary!
Emergency, Emergency!
I took the top off
my car need brain surgery
I got similies, metaphores, hypoerbeles
I get respect,
even if he deaf the boul heard of me
No exaggerration,
you depressed, still tryna find the road to success
I had the navigation
(Ayo you fuckin up the game Cass!)
That's why my new watch,
full of blue rocks
I named it Dane Dash


[Verse 3]
I'm on probation, tryin not to catch a case
But I'll probably bust a second nut
Before the second date
If we ain't have sex, I slept with the heffer face
So, one way or another
I fucked ya baby mother
Brother I wiped my pipe off on ya baby covers
So they never played together
But our kids layed together (hahaha ewwww)
And yall still stayed together
We never made cheddar,
Never got paid together
Did you ever mix Sour and Purple Haze together?
Henny and Coke, Vodka and Lemonade together?
I get it in so, I got it made forever
This a record I could hear gettin played forever


You gotta get it in, no matter what you do,
you gotta, get it gaa, get it in. If you don't get
it in, I don't fuck with you. Pause.... Haha.
I mean, I am cool with alot of maw fuckas, I mean
I'm cool with niggas that trap, niggas that rap,
Niggas that act, constuction workers, electritions,
Cable guys, mail men. I'm cool with niggas in College.
I'm cool with niggas that do alot of different shit.
I even fuck with 0his lil nigga that don't do nothin
But roll dutches1 But dat nigga dutches be nice as a
Maw fucka, he get it in. Haa. If I fuck with you,
You gotta get it no matter what you do. You gotta get
It in man. Real Rap.


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