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The Rolling Stones I Got The Blues Lyrics

Last updated: 02/10/2011 10:00:00 AM

(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

As I stand by your flame
I get burned once again
Feelin' low down, I'm blue

As I sit by the fire
Of your warm desire
I've got the blues for you, yeah

Every night you've been away
I've sat down and I have prayed
That you're safe in the arms of a guy
Who will bring you alive
Won't drag you down with abuse

In the silk sheet of time
I will find peace of mind
Love is a bed full of blues

And I've got the blues for you
And I've got the blues for you
And I'll bust my brains out for you
And I'll tear my hair out
I'm gonna tear my hair out just for you
If you don't believe what I'm singing
At three o'clock in the morning, babe, well
I'm singing my song for you

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Sticky Fingers Gem | Reviewer: chad | 2/10/11

This is a classic Jagger/Richards gem that often gets overlooked amidst the more well known radio songs contained on Sticky Fingers. A pure blues/soul offering, it features the best of what the Stones were known for during the golden era between '68 and '74: soul searching, simplistic, yet elegant vocals delivered by Jagger during the absolute pinnacle of his career, a soulful country blues progression played by Richards, with powerful blues improvs by virtuouso Mick Taylor, backed by the rock solid rhythmn of Watts and Wyman, and featuring the ever present and quality combo of Bobby Keys and Jimmy Price on tenor sax and trumpet respectively.

This song is perhaps best known for the blistering Hammond B3 organ solo played by Billy Preston during the interlude. The Hammond section shreds the melodic and relaxed atmosphere presented by Richards and Taylor with a blistering 34 seconds of pure soul wrenching blues licks, representing yet again why the B3 is one of the top instruments associated with that genre of music.

This song is not to be missed despite its lesser known status on what is perhaps the greatest album of the early seventies. This song is an example of the Stones at their very best, at the height of their glory.