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The Damned I Fall Lyrics

Last updated: 09/10/2001 01:41:14 AM

i gotta full mon

a small room that i need

a candy store,a sexy whore

yes i bleed

a sifting sand,and an electronic hand

yes i'm mine

a souped up truck,a gobbling suck

yes i'm blind

(chorus) :-

but i fall........well i fall

well i fall .......yes i fall

my mind's a raging blame

a crying shame ,and i'm sad

a city of sin,a bottle of gin

so dog-gone bad

a cool reaction for the big attraction

that's fine

a messed up gut or nacked cut

yeah that's fine

(repeat chorus)

i'm a falling angel

falling down

be a falling angel

won't you come on round?

don't be scared to follow

it's no crime

you're a falling angel

before your time

(solo bit)

(repeat chorus)