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Ya Boy I Dont Like (Freestyle) Lyrics

Last updated: 01/09/2013 04:35:00 AM

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Dope boy I’m talking..up
I’m .. till I’m rich as fuck,
and cally how you don’t mention us,
this rappers know that I rip em up,
I run shit job bitch
bitch nigga you blog shit,
got 4 hoes, and they all thick,
they rap my dick like oh shit.

Lord, please forgive out enemies
for they know not what they do

Dope boy I’m talking tanning up,
I’m in the trap till I’m rich as fuck.
and cally how you don’t mention us,
this rappers know that I rip em up,
I run shit, job bitch, bitch nigga you glob shit
got 4 hoes and they all thick
they rap my dick like oh shit.

You a little nigga like big try,
my niggas clapping like seat comes,
I sip leans, spit rhymes,
say 0 quarter and sip diams,
rock star, heavy metal, my squad in every ghetto,
check my back round you bitch you,
I’m a real nigga on every level,
I don’t think that you understand me,
I’m the only head like stuck handies,
two guns and they both handy,
my niggas dirty like roll family,
fuck the world this BCB
crush you open no SP3
all my niggas is TTG, wish shoot it up no PCP.

Aha, we really do this shit, aha
Aha, we really do this shit, aha

Come fresh about the neamest it’s been the band it aice,
started with just a couple racks and then I’m benz away,
came upon some races through them zenz away
we ain’t got that cape dot, but my bitch still like dray dope,
two cups of that drink though, cant’ stop, won’t stop
it’s mine, I see it, I need that doctor Dre though
I’m with going in your bitch, now really going out,
sayin bitch is out the club in the trap holding out
get to change my plug it, try to bleed us,
if you saw a droll nigga, then you need us,
but my pop to jay, pitch you fifty on my rhymes, rhymes
bitch is like shoes, you stupid niggas got times on,
my dick is what you bitch my minds on
and my mind blowing on no worries, like details
face time need naked, I send pictures to my email you E-zail
but nigga I’m divo, no nknock out your bitch like the ..
get fuck and knocked out!

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